Deleting data from the cache of an application in Android

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    clear cache Android Deleting data from the cache of an application on Android

    That sure more than once happened to you, for many GB of storage you have your terminal you run out of memory. Precisely for this reason it is important from time to time make an erasure cache to recover that which is occupied by garbage collection. In Androidsis we have talked about it, and just about it I remember a tutorial in which we explained paso step to retrieve the cache memory by deleting all terminal services . But today we will see how to delete data cache application determined, since in many cases are responsible for some apps that do not have storage space.

    What I will explain below is a step by step how to clear cache data from one application in Android without any installation, ie, simply by accessing the standard settings of your Android phone. If you have a terminal with root (if you are new better leave this topic for later), then also you can perform a master clear cache all applications at once, instead of going one by one .

    Clearing cache data from one application in Android

    • If you know you need space on your Android device, but do not know where to begin to clear, I recommend that you access the applications that give them more use as you clear the cache means getting rid of the garbage that is going to generate precisely using the user’s specific application. Also, keep in mind that social messaging and often the more data accumulate, so pay attention at first insurance that helps you if you do not know where to start to recover Memory
    • We access the main menu of Android in the Settings. Within the submenu which appears click on Applications or Apps.
    • Now you have all applications on the device appear isntaladas. Like I said, let’s go one by one, so if you are novice I recommend, should have them installed to begin by clicking on Whatsapp, Facebook or similar.
    • you once clicked on them you You will find that there is a menu like the one we’ve shown in the screenshot. In it, you will have access to the part related to Cache and click the Clear Cache button as indicated.
    • do display a menu of confirmation. Accepts and expects to complete the process. Now you’ve removed the data indicated and you will have more memory available on your Android

    Deleting data from the cache of an application in Android with root

    ClockworkMod Deleting data from the cache of an application on Android

    What we have explained in the above process was the choice easy. Ie recommended without any installation for users who do not want to complicate your life in a factory Android. But if I have your Android mobile rooteado, then you can opt to Clear the cache data and applications together automatically if you have installed a custom recovery, in this case, with ClockWorkMod Recovery . That is, if you follow these steps, recover all the cache that were occupying all installed applications.

    • Restart your device in recovery mode
    • Get the Wipe Cache option Partition
    • performed a reboot and wait for the terminal to perform ignite the process
    • should now have the cache of all applications with zero data and available storage memory.

    Article How to clear cache data from one application in Android was originally published on Androidsis .


    Deleting data from the cache of an application in Android
    February 24, 2014

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