DePop, the application of social buying from Mobile comes to Android

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    Internet commerce has intensified in recent years, buy and sell anything you can imagine is within reach of a click, but so far, except rarely needed to be at a computer to do so. DePop is a startup that was founded in 2011 and aims to bring this action sales to mobile devices via an app , simplifying the process up.

    DePop allows you to trade with all sorts of items through a smartphone. To sell a product is as simple as get the phone, make a photo , and write a small description ready is just share it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) so your friends can see it. So far DePop was only available for iOS, the platform has reached 200,000 downloads, but now comes to Android and is now available on Google Play.

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    know the potential of the Google system and after receiving several million funding in recent months have decided to launch into other markets. Also DePop has a social face since, plus the option of sharing on networks that have commented, it is possible to start a conversation v ed chat seller of the article in which you are interested directly from the application itself and follow friends and do I love their sales.

    Buying and selling in seconds from your mobile phone with DePop

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    So, if you want to buy something from DePop you can explore the different categories of products as Fashion, Art, Electronic and Computer Accessories, Music and much more, just checking out timeline photo. For added security, allows PayPal payments , but also with credit / debit card.

    All trade from your pocket. A photo and ready , you will already have an item for sale, a way to shake off those things you no longer use quickly. Have more info on DePop on your site , is free from Play, it requires at least Android 4.0.

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    DePop, the application of social buying from Mobile comes to Android
    February 12, 2014

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