‘Designated successor’, is a remake in disguise of ’24’ changing adrenaline by bureaucracy and idealism?

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    Designated Successor

    networks north american can not take chest with the premieres of the beginning of the season 2016/2017, since none of his big bets has come really to sweep, and, on the other hand, there have been several disappointments more or less pronounced. Will have to see if they have more luck during the mid-season, but everything points to the viewers every time they see fewer series during its first broadcast.

    Where things change is with the viewings on a deferred basis through the multiple existing possibilities. If we look at these data, we will see that ‘designated Successor’ (‘Designated Survivor’) grows in a way so exaggerated that a little less that we can take for granted that it will be renewed for a second season. The enthusiasm low if we look at its artistic merits, having even reason to talk about a sort of remake undercover ‘24’ without what made it really great to the Fox series.

    Bureaucracy and patriotism without the hook required

    Kiefer Sutherland

    Update: From here you will be able to find spoilers up to episode 1×08 series

    Solvency is the first word that comes to mind when speaking of ‘designated Successor’, since they note that their in charge have taken care of everything so that there is nothing negative to say his finishing technician. Everything looks very good, the note, the money invested and also that they are aware of that the viewer has to notice that everything is as plausible as possible after their powerful starting point.

    Up there, the only downside is that it could be put is that there is no ambition real highlight, but simply a great effort for nothing desluzca, something understandable given that it is a series aimed to engage the broadest possible audience and of all ages. This also carries over to the scripts and there comes the first big problem, as ‘designated Successor’ sacrificed the emotion for the benefit of an approach more focused on the bureaucracy with a touch too idealistic than any other thing.

    This last point would not be problematic if it is to join together two essential factors for this: That is the true backbone of the series, the reason for which you want to see it, and there is someone behind able to make interesting a topic which in and of itself can pose an obstacle for the viewer to immerse in what it tells us. Surely you too are thinking of ‘The west wing of the White House’, a letter ‘designated Successor’ plays partially, falling in no man’s land.

    Kiefer Sutherland, does Jack Bauer to President Palmer?

    160928 Designated Survivor

    I Know that ‘24’ not invented really nothing in terms of the story told, but seeing ‘designated Successor’ is not left to remember her thinking that I was watching a version without adrenaline, and centered in the character of David Palmer instead of Jack Bauer. The first consequence of this is that everything is mostly calm, but also stretching of the account, any solution narrative.

    in Addition, ‘designated Successor’ to always opt for fix it all in a non-decisive that may even come to seem naïve. We are missing the warm blood is essential in ‘24’ to adopt certain formulas almost own of a soap opera -here it retrieves the plot of the problems of the president with his wife to go in another direction that so far has only led to low interest – with which we go stretching everything.

    Designated Survivor Maggie Q

    yes, parallel-yes there is a terrorist conspiracy and government agents doing everything possible to clarify what happened. Again we return to ‘24’ with the kidnapping of the son of one of them to do something against the president. That already was the straw that broke the camel’s back until it was then back to what I mentioned before of a solution is not decisive. In this way, the series is always remains in a position that does not upset but not excited about.

    I Imagine that some of you will not be too happy with what I draw on the relationship of ‘designated Successor’ with ‘24’ and that even you think that is due more to the presence of a more than correct Kiefer Sutherland than anything else. However, I can’t help but see an attempt to take the series to give you a hint of what ‘The west wing of the White House’ no bet really for nothing. It seems that them is working in the matter of hearings, but we’ll see until when.

    In Go Tele! | ‘Designated Survivor’, Sutherland against Washington

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    ‘Designated successor’, is a remake in disguise of ’24’ changing adrenaline by bureaucracy and idealism?
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    December 4, 2016

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