Destiny 2 will have a story "understandable" while you play

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    Bungie knows the complaints that you received the first part.

    One of the most criticised points of the first part of Destiny was its plot. Bungie presented a universe full of elements and details, but that to be understood requires too much attention of the players and in the majority of cases, to forced to consult forums, communities and wikis to sort the items.

    The narrative of Destiny 2

    The presence of a narrative structure expanded that depended on elements such as the mobile app made the first delivery of the license received a lot of criticism in regards to his script. With Destiny 2 Bungie wants that the plot is easy to follow and that does not require that the players come out of the exploration of the game.


    Luke Smith, director of the game, what has confirmed in an interview with Games Radar: “Destiny 2 is a focus on delivering a narrative that can be followed in the headings covering a great plot and scenarios epic. The main plot of the game will be known as the War Red and have the invasion of Ghaul, the leader of the Cabal.

    the main campaign we will have to add “other stories” that will go on counting in parallel and that will entail new challenges to the player community: “on The sidelines of the campaign that you see in the trailers, you’ll find other stories that form new layers of narratives about the worlds, planets, enemies, individuals, etc”.

    Destiny 2 hits the stores in September for Xbox One and PS4, and will disembark at PC at the end of October.

    Destiny 2 will have a story "understandable" while playing

    Destiny 2 will have a story "understandable" while you play
    June 27, 2017

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