Developers can now do partial refunds on purchases integrated and subscriptions

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    Google has recently introduced in your developer console a new option: the partial refunds. The name is exactly what it sounds like: it allows developers who, instead of returning all the money, only to be a percentage of the total, no tax.

    Is necessary to differentiate between these refunds and returns of of purchases of payment. These do not change, and you still have two hours to repent to buy one app and get all your money back. The refunds are “special” situations in which you can ask for your money directly to the developer, that it be granted or not according to their own refund policies.

    More flexibility for the refunds

    application developers with app purchase or subscriptions can now make use of the partial refunds, by which you can choose what percentage of the money wish to repay. Until recently there was only one full refunds, so it was all or nothing.


    These partial refunds are only available in-app purchase, and subscriptions, not in the applications of payment. That is to say, if you buy an app 50 euros and you ask for a refund of your money for any valid reason, you will receive all your money back. This type of reimbursement -or refunds – will be made directly from the Google Play store in the first 48 hours after purchase, although you can also ask for a refund in special circumstances.

    Rebates The reasons for a refund that lets you choose Google Play

    The new partial refunds granted more flexibility to the developers, so that it is possible that for a case in which before did not return the money, now at least receive a percentage. An example would be a subscription to a service that you want to cancel to the middle of the month, and receiving payment of half of the total.

    in The end, the total amount of money will depend on the refund policy of the application. Google Play only protects you the first two days and in extreme cases. After that, it is between you, the developer, and the good faith of both parties.

    So, the next time you ask for a refund of an app purchase or a subscription, keep in mind that it is possible to receive only part of the total. At least, for purchases made after march 2018.

    Via | XDA
    Xataka Android | How to apply for the refund of an app purchase or a subscription on Google Play

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    Developers can now do partial refunds on purchases integrated and subscriptions
    June 14, 2018

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