Die Jonas Mekas, the myth of the underground film, the 97-year-old

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  • Die Jonas Mekas, the myth of the underground film, the 97-year-old

    Despite remaining virtually invisible outside of the circles moviegoers, the Lithuanian Jonas Mekas was one of the filmmakers underground most influential and important of the TWENTIETH century. His own life, surviving the nazis with his brother, settling in New York and impacting on names a lot more media such as Andy Warhol, John Lenon, Allen Ginsberg, or Yoko Ono, I would have given for a biopic of the Hollywood that never always remain an outsider.

    In his loft of manhattan, where he lived from 1942, he tried the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, he met Andy Warhol. the Received the visit of Salvador Dali and made a good friend with directors such as John Waters or Jim Jarmusch. Has been recognized as a basic influence by directors from all over the underground of the last century. But their mood is discreet and the allegiance of his cinema outside the boundaries of what commercial prevented its name from being the most known.

    His style of film was as calm and quiet as he himself: and he rolled some sixty films which in most cases were nothing more than observations of everyday life. the Details of the day-to-day, ordinary moments as personal diaries that would have removed the ego, in films such as ‘Walden’ (1969) or ‘Lost, Lost, Lost’ (1970). Among the awards he received are the Grand Prize at Venice in 1965 for the film prison ‘The Brig’ or the addition of your ‘Reminiscences of a journey to Lithuania’, for many critics his best film, to the Library of Congress.

    In some of these films was ahead of the craving modern document everything, although with an artistic sensibility that went beyond the mere observation, and was able to understand it when they came up to the Internet in 2007 a short film everyday for a year. Remained at the margins of narrative conventions with films like ‘As I Was Moving Ahead, Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty’, of five hours duration and that compiles decades of footage found of his wife and children.

    Also noteworthy is his work as a critic, archivist and film scholar. He was editor-in-chief of ‘Film Culture’ since 1954, and had an influential column of criticism of the ‘Village Voice’.

    also Founded the Anthology Film Archives, from which he developed an important work of archiving, cataloguing and exhibition of films of all kinds.

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    Jonas Mekas in the newspaper

    The news Dies Jonas Mekas, the myth of the underground film, the 97-year-old was originally published in Espinof by John Tones .


    Die Jonas Mekas, the myth of the underground film, the 97-year-old
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    January 24, 2019

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