Dies Antonio Mercero, the genius behind ‘Pharmacy’ on-call ‘ or ‘The cabin’

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    Antonio Mercero

    Today is a day of particularly grey to the cinema and Spanish television, and is that to the 9 hours of this Saturday morning, has died the writer and director Antonio Mercero to the 82 years old, after waging a long struggle against the alzheimer’s disease that has kept him away from public life since last 2006.

    The natural Guipuzkoa signed his first short film ‘The black sheep’ in 1960, ending two years later his studies at the Official School of Cinematography and being awarded with the Golden Shell for the best short film in the San Sebastian film Festival for ‘art Lesson’. In the 63 debut in the feature film ‘need a guy’; the first stone in a film career that culminated in 2010 when the Academy awarded him the Goya of honor in recognition of his career.

    Cab Image of the filming of ‘The cabin’

    even Though Haberdasher made a good number of feature-length films, among which are pieces such as ‘4th Floor’, the ‘La hora de los valientes’ or the fantastic ‘wait for me in the sky’, is probably his work for the small screen which has been highlighted especially among his prolific career.

    To the memory are television productions such as ‘Chronicles of a people’, ‘Summer Blue’, ‘Manolito Gafotas’ or of the eternal ‘Farmacia de guardia’ —which holds the title of series over view of the history in Spain—; although the work that gave international prestige to Antonio Mercero was the imperishable telefilm ‘The cabin’, starring Jose Luis López Vázquez and thanks to which it won the Emmy Award of the National Academy of Television and Sciences, New York.

    With Antonio Mercero, we are going one of the names that have helped thrive and to give prestige to the Spanish audiovisual industry, both inside and outside of our borders.

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    Dies Antonio Mercero, the genius behind ‘Pharmacy’ on-call ‘ or ‘The cabin’
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    May 12, 2018

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