Disney delayed again, ‘Indiana Jones 5’: Harrison Ford will be 78 years old when re-embody the adventurous archaeologist

Indiana Jones 5

‘Indiana Jones 5’ hit theaters a year later than expected. A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that Lucasfilm had signed to a new screenwriter for the next film Indy, and it was rumored that this was going to cause a delay to the filming and the premiere. Today, Disney has confirmed officially that the new date of the project is the July 9, 2021.

Interestingly, the premiere will take place just four days before the star of the franchise, Harrison Ford, to celebrate your 79th birthday. You will, therefore, 78 when you return to give life to the adventurous archaeologist, 19 more than it had Sean Connery when he played his father in ‘Indiana Jones and the last crusade’ (1989). A delivery which, by the way, was a perfect end to…

this Is the second time that Disney moved the date of ‘Indy 5’. When I launched the project, two years ago, announced the premiere for the summer of 2019; a year after moved it to 2020 and is now set for 2021. I hope that you don’t continue posponi√©ndolo, Ford remains in a spectacular way for his age but this is a saga of action and adventure, it will be ridiculous to have a hero of 80 years… unless the plan is delayed constantly with the project until the actor is tired, and say: “Okay, I retreat.”

Remember that Steven Spielberg will continue to be the director of the franchise after filming the four previous installments. The first script for ‘Indiana Jones 5’ he wrote David Koepp and then Lucasfilm hired Jonathan Kasdan (‘Han Solo: A history of Star Wars’) to rewrite the material. At the moment there is no one else that Harrison Ford confirmed in the cast.

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Disney delayed again, ‘Indiana Jones 5’: Harrison Ford will be 78 years old when re-embody the adventurous archaeologist
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