‘Doctor Sleep’, sequel to ‘The shining’, will be made into a film by the master of horror Mike Flanagan

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    The sequel of ‘The resplador‘ (The Shining, 1980) is based on the novel by Stephen KingDoctor Sleep‘ (Doctor Sleep) who was published in 2013. The chosen is nothing less than the veteran in terror Mike Flanagan, which will adapt to the big screen the novel as ahead indiewire.

    The director is a great choice and makes you breathe of relief to fans of King, since the previous name associated with the project was to Akiva Goldsman. However, the director of ‘Hush’ (2016) has shown its hand with the material from Maine in the exemplary adaptation of ‘The game Gerald‘. Goldsman had already written a treatment for the adaptation of the book, but Flanagan will make changes and will launch the film.

    The following focuses on the life of Danny Torrance, the child of ‘The shining’, which is now a forty-something who must face the same demons that ended with his father in the Overlook hotel: the anger and alcoholism. These problems tarnish his gift, the shining, a power that will return to him when you stop the alcohol. At that time he will share his ability with a young man who is persecuted by a group that wants to take over this power.

    The second part of the literary established connections with its predecessor, but it remains to be seen if the movie is set to play King or to the cinema. It is being developed in Warner Bros, the same company that distributed ‘glowStanley Kubrick in 1980. the Trevor Macy will produce the sequel along with Jon Berg of Vertigo Entertainment. the Goldsman is as executive producer of the project that do not yet have dates associated with them.

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    The news ‘Doctor Sleep’, sequel to ‘The shining’, it will be made into a film by the master of horror Mike Flanagan was originally published in Espinof by Jorge Loser .


    ‘Doctor Sleep’, sequel to ‘The shining’, will be made into a film by the master of horror Mike Flanagan
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    January 26, 2018

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