Doodle Adventures, mixing Lemmings and The Incredible Machine with aesthetic paper and pencil

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    If you are of those who once small designed a game to pen and paper in one of your books, it is likely that the aesthetics of Doodle Adventures brings you nostalgic memories, as well as it will gameplay seems a mixture between two classics like Lemmings and The Incredible Machine

    The goal is simple.’ll have to take our character Point exit point to the destination square , trying to avoid different obstacles and enemies. We will also have a number of elements that have to go placing in strategic areas of our screen so that when you interact with them, our character complete missions


    Screenshot 2015 March 31 16 29 57

    To introduce some difficulty and the game is not too easy, each element can be placed on the screen will a particular energy cost , and we will go past us more and more screens to increase the energy and power to be placing a greater amount of these elements.

    added to increase replayability , each and every one of the screens have a special coin that initially be impossible to collect. The aim of this coin is none other than, when we have some energy, we can return to play the first screens to try pasárnoslas full with coin included.

    As you will see in the record of the game, this title also includes integrated shopping , which will take place in the store where we can pay that much to stop advertising that will jump us from time to time between screen and screen to buy different bonus items to use on the screens and it is us a bit easier pasárnoslas.

    Doodle Adventures

    Doodle Adventures version 1.5

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    • Android version: 2.3 and higher versions
    • Developer: Asduffo
    • Download it at: Google Play
    • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
    • Category: Puzzle

    News Doodle Adventures, mixing Lemmings and The Incredible Machine with paper and pencil aesthetic was originally published in Engadget Android by Yubal FM .

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    Doodle Adventures, mixing Lemmings and The Incredible Machine with aesthetic paper and pencil
    March 31, 2015

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