Download and Install the New Launcher Google Home Pure Android experiencie and taste KitKat

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    That is breaking Google Android in many applications within the system , and is segmentándolas service s getting so all most of these system services are constantly updated without relying on third parties is not new, in fact, is a long road that has worked, and today marks another step as the Nexus 5 with andropid 4.4 we find that the very Android Launcher 4.4 is an application that is installable on other devices. We do not know if they ever offer from Google Play (eg camera and gallery while you can install pro were yet available in Google Play)

    To install it you have to follow some steps which no more complex than install three apk to make things work properly. Let’s do this, the sooner you can enjoy it better:

    1 – Install the new Google Play Services 4.0 (will be automatically updated within a few days)

    Download Play Services

    2 – Install the new Google Search (it should automatically update in a few days)

    Download Google Search

    3 – Install Google or Google Home Launcher experiencie

    Download Google Home Launcher

    After following these steps, you’ll have your Google Nexus Home or experiencie or Android Pure , whatever you call it, ready to savor. It does not add anything special to make not much better other android launcher, pro sometimes simplicity is the spice well prepared. I leave you with screenshots of my installation on a Nexus 4 without problems. Tested on HTC One and also perfect.

     widgets  search  playservoces  okgoogleapp  home  googlehomelauncher  googlehomecarpetas  googlehomeapps  googlehome2  googlehome

    In the images you can see that now the application drawer is semi-transparent, that the widgets are back if you hold down your finger on the desktop. In settings is to configure Google Search, which is now part of the launcher or is included in, hence why also install this apk. In addition, we now have as many desktops as you need, if you want more, drag an icon to the right and opens a new panel.

    Source: Phandroid

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    Download and Install the New Launcher Google Home Pure Android experiencie and taste KitKat
    November 1, 2013

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