Doze is called but does not work as Doze in Marshmallow: an app to save battery

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    A few days ago came out in some related Doze an application called Android forums. Fast there were those who rated this app as a way to have la Doze feature in versions prior to Marshmallow. You know, the new system to save battery life on Android . Fast its creators have had to come to pass because they share the same name but does not work.

    Developed by YirgaLab, Doze is an application that sells us the premise that we can conserve battery with a similar mode Doze in Marshmallow but both different from it. It looks like the options that leads Lollipop though not work the same. This development team committed to its own system. Is it worth a try? Not really


    When activated Doze, h ace run a firewall to restrict the sending and receiving of data when the mobile takes over 30 minutes with the screen off. Thus, it prevents some applications in the background “wake up” the phone when such a message arrives for WhatsApp or a notification on Facebook to put a couple known to all examples.

    Compared with other applications to conserve battery power, this proposal falls well short Doze. Put a firewall to prevent data entering and leaving does not solve the problems that Lollipop with wakelocks . The only thing you will achieve is that your phone will not enter data and battery life increases very subtle way.

    The not require root causes the application does not have such an extensive integration like Greenify or e l system developer took Francisco Franco to change the values ​​of Doze. If you’re about to download, do it knowing that is not a miracle application and it will not cause the battery of your Android lasts much longer.

    News is called Doze, but does not work as Doze in Marshmallow: an app to save battery was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    Doze is called but does not work as Doze in Marshmallow: an app to save battery
    November 14, 2015

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