Droid Manager – managing multiple terminals Android and iOS remotely

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    Droid Manager

    Users of smart mobile terminals can not complain at the number of applications that are available to us to add security features to our terminals. And among them are a Droid Manager, where you will find an interesting cast of features, especially for Android, but iOS also has its own application but with fewer features.

    Droid Manager With both users different individuals and groups, can track and establishing actions remotely to their own terminals. Perform certain actions depending on possible locations, as mute terminal, ideal for when accessing workspaces studies, or the receiving push notifications to get to certain places.

    In addition, allows to track locations via a map, perform certain actions via their applications, and send texts, notifications, videos or map positions, security features such as blocking or add a PIN to certain applications, block Lock screen, clear all data or protect it from unauthorized access.

    It also includes plugins for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, allowing among other functions see each terminal battery, missed calls, or New messages received.

    For use registration is required by email or through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Then you just need to be identified both through the browser and through the different terminals registered. At this point, it should be noted that there is a personal plan and a family plan, both free of charge, and a plan for business use, which allows you to register more than four terminals.

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    Droid Manager – managing multiple terminals Android and iOS remotely
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    December 20, 2012

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