DuckDuckGo,, Qwant and Google, the search engines that will be available to choose in Spain for Android starting in march

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  • as of march 1, the new devices with Android system that are distributed in the European Economic Area show you the option of choosing between three other search engines besides Google. In relation to Spain, these will be DuckDuckGo, and Qwant. The range of possibilities varies in each country.The publication of the search engines selected comes after Google announced last August that would enable this choice to the root of the blunt sanction of 4.340 million euros imposed by the European Commission in July 2018.The community institution considered that the Internet giant was abusing its dominant position in the framework Android and that it violated the competition laws by pre-compulsory finder hegemonic and Chrome browser, in mobile phones and Android tablets.The four choices of engines are the result of the auctions by countries in the who participated suppliers interested. The selected on the first cycle auction displayed during the four months after the launch of the screen of choice on the 1st of march. Google and Android have reported that the cycles auction will be conducted on a quarterly basis, so it is likely that there are variations.It should be noted that the providers winners, and Google, are listed in the selection screen ordered randomly. The quad option will emerge during the process of initial configuration of the new device.Respect to the winners in Spain, DuckDuckGo is located in the ascending line as an alternative to Google because of its policy not to keep the personal information of the user or track their data. Similarly, the proposed French Qwant is defined as the “search engine that respects your privacy”. For his part, belongs to the company InfoSpace.The list of the selected engines in each european country after the above auction, you can available here. The dominant is DuckDuckGo, followed by, present for example in Germany (with GMX), France (the same as in Spain) and the Uk (with Bing).
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    DuckDuckGo,, Qwant and Google, the search engines that will be available to choose in Spain for Android starting in march
    January 12, 2020

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