Duolingo 2.0 updated with a revamped interface. Learn languages ​​with style

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    We talked about a few months ago Duolingo, application that learning languages ​​from your Android in a friendly, easy and fun, but now back in the news. During this time they have been adding some changes, features and enhancements, but today Duolingo receives a big update, completely renewed design and adding new information about our learning progress.

    The operation of the application remains the same, ie, ordered by levels lessons , which in turn contain different content units, but when the end of these levels have been added New charts and graphs of your weekly progress , making our progress much visual as well as the amount of “experience” what we need to pass the level. Of course, this new design also keeps optimized for tablets and support offline also still works.

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    To make matters worse, this redesign has reduced the size of the application , which has gone from about 15 MB to about 5 MB, making it light and fluid . Of course, the interface is completely in Spanish, we can compare and see the progress of our friends, is synchronized with our account Duolingo web and remains compatible with Android devices running under Android 2.2 or higher .

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    Duolingo 2.0 updated with a revamped interface. Learn languages ​​with style
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    November 29, 2013

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