E3 2019: The gameplay of Shenmue 3 is shown on a large video

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    The game of YS Net presents three mini-games; the expected delivery will be available on November 19 on PC and PS4.

    Shenmue III will be available the next November 19 so much on PC as on PS4. Developed by YS Net and the labour Yu Suzuki, we have been able to enjoy part of the title’s gameplay in an extensive video.

    By courtesy of IGN, we show you three games available in Shenmue III. You can see the video below:

    The arrival of Shenmue III

    The staging of Shenmue III in this E3 2019 has not been exempt of controversy: the title, which was funded by thousands of people, it will be available exclusively at Epic Games Store, something which has aroused the discontent of the players (originally was offered a code Steam to that users canjearan the game).

    In the midst of this controversy, it is has confirmed non-refund of money by the passage of Shenmue III Epic Games Store.

    Shenmue III will be available 19th November on both PC and PS4.

    E3 2019: The gameplay of Shenmue 3 is shown in an extended video

    E3 2019: The gameplay of Shenmue 3 is shown on a large video
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    June 11, 2019

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