Easter passion and hypnosis, Wednesday at Antena 3

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    When several parties arrive, our television networks get a little crazy with their grills: stop issuing their regular programming (in forecast loss of viewers), but at the same time, they are forced to go for special events . Thus, we can find programs as curious as it will be tomorrow in prime time on Antena 3.

    It’s called ‘1,2,3 Hipnot√≠zame ‘ and brings to us that classic show, from children, has fascinated us: the supposed ability of a person to persuade another to enter his mind and break their will, getting the subject to perform any action and gesture that the hypnotist wants. These types of shows are so striking that it is not surprising that, from time to time, return to the small screen


    So, Wednesday morning, Manel Fuentes gets at the head of a special program that has to hypnosis as a protagonist. Well, not only hypnosis, but also a handful of celebrities usual template channels Atremedia: Chicote, El Monaguillo, Quique San Francisco, Anabel Alonso, Mario Vaquero, Nuria Roca, El Cordobes and one of the jurors this new dance talent which, incidentally, is revving up. David Bustamante

    the collaborator ‘El Hormiguero’ Jandro, is the director of a space that has the presence of someone who can become a regular small screen (all also depends on the audience, of course), as is the French illusionist Jeff Toussaint . And what we see? Well, surely, funny and bizarre that its protagonists not remember having experienced situations. Yes, we know what is hypnosis, but no longer seem awfully suggestive.

    Tele Go! | Sugerencias Weekly: cinema for all programs and documentaries to resurrect hypnotize (mind)

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    Easter passion and hypnosis, Wednesday at Antena 3
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    March 23, 2016

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