Eddie Redmayne, Hilary Swank, Jared Leto and other amazing changes of sex in cinema

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  • DANIEL G. Aparicio

    • Eddie Redmayne has been nominated for an Oscar for best actor for his role as Lili Elbe, which is considered the first transsexual in history.
    • Jared Leto and Hilary Swank won Oscars for roles in movies transgender ‘Dallas Buyers Club “and” Boys Do not Cry’, respectively.
    • At other times, actors and actresses have changed gender various forms of cross-dressing or as a mere experiment or casting decision.

     Eddie Redmayne - 'The Danish Girl' (2015)

    British Eddie Redmayne has become, in just a couple of years, one of the most wanted faces on Hollywood” href=”http://www.20minutos.es/minuteca/hollywood/”> su Best actor Oscar in 2015 for her role Stephen Hawking in The theory of everything , and now for an even more amazing transformation, in your sex change La Danish girl , where he plays Einar Wegener, which is considered the first transsexual in history.

    The film, which puts the spotlight as rarely It has been done before about transgender people , tells the story of a couple of artists Einar and Gerda Wegener. When she asks her husband to dress as a woman to complete the portrait of a customer, Einar finally discovers his inner. Then, he adopts the identity of Lili Elbe and marriage decides to flee from the prejudices of their city and moved to Paris, where Gerda takes Lili as his muse and supports on its way to becoming a woman.

    So far, the role has already earned him a nomination at Redmayne Golden Globe (premio which eventually ended up in the hands of DiCaprio), another to the Bafta and una the Oscars, where he will face to face with the star of The reborn .

    Just a couple of years, in 2014, another transgender character caught the attention of major film awards. The role of Jared Leto” Jared Leto Dallas Buyers Club , which gets into the skin of Rayon, a transsexual with HIV , the actor earned him a number of awards. Leto was chosen Best Supporting Actor at the Critics Choice Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Golden Globes and even Oscar.

    To highlight in the film ?? and rightly ?? the subject of transsexuality has also brought significant rewards to women. In 2005, Felicity Huffman known Lynette Scavo Desperate Housewives , received some of the highest praise of his career thanks to Transamérica, movie in which she plays Sabrina Osbourne, a transsexual man in the process of transformation to become a woman who suddenly discovers he has a son of 17 years. The role gave him numerous awards and came to touch the Oscar, which ultimately went to Reese Witherspoon for her role in the biopic Walk the Line .

    yes achieved desired golden statuette for transgender role was on Hilary Swank” Hilary Swank in 1999 Boys Do not Cry , based on the true story of Brandon Teena, a young man who was raped and murdered movie December 31, 1993 when their friends discovered he had female genitalia.

    Very different is the tone of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert a road movie musical starring Two gay and transsexual that even in comedy tone, forget not try hard issues such as prejudice and social exclusion.

    In the antipodes these films in terms of quality is href=”https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glen_o_Glenda” Glen or Glenda , disastrous film directed by Ed Wood ?? popularly regarded as the worst director in history ?? nevertheless represented a surprising plea for transvestism and transsexualism in 1953.

    In Spain, the issue of transsexuality has been treated many times for Pedro Almodóvar . Among its characters are the Paca transgender Javier Camera Bad Education , Tina Carmen Maura Law of Desire and, above all, Agrado’s character Antonia San Juan in All About My Mother . Also in the película” Skin I Live the issue is addressed, albeit from a strange point of view.

    In the patriotic film also include My dear Miss (1972), a film ahead of its time in which Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez starring a curious history of intersex. He is Mrs. Adela, a man who was raised and educated as a woman The film racked up several achievements. He tried a very strange subject for Spanish society of that time, he managed to evade censorship and was even nominated Oscar in the category of best foreign language film.

    Only five years later, in 1977, in the film Sex Change , Vicente Aranda became Victoria Abril a young 17 year old who discovers he really wants to be a woman.

    Transvestites but not transgender

    Almodóvar has also included in his films some transvestites characters, men who like dress as a woman but feel totally male and unwilling to change sex. The most memorable are the Lethal Femme Miguel Bosé Heels Gael García Bernal Bad Education .

    Hollywood has left to remember travesties like the Patrick Swayze Queens or Kings (1995 ), the Philip Seymour Hoffman Flawless (1999) and Johnny Johnny Depp Before Night (2001), a film for which Javier earned his first Oscar nomination.

    However, the cross-dressing in film often result of crazy twists in the plots that kill women by men and, especially, with men making women , a pelucón in the head, face paint and big fake breasts. Comedies have dozens of players the opportunity to experience the sex change: Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon dressed up as females to escape the Mafia in Some Like It Hot (1959); dressed as a woman to find nominated work very Tootsie (1982) and ended up becoming his alter ego redhead an icon of cinema; the late Robin Robin Williams softened and made laugh half the world with his role as lovable British nanny in Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), a character that allowed him to continue seeing his children; Martin Lawrence posed as an obese old Momma’s This (2000) and its sequel (2006) …

    Sex change does not always obey comic needs. In the musical Yentl (1983), Streisand is a young Jewish girl who poses as man to study at a school in which men are only allowed. Orlando (1992), Tilda Swinton is facing as a man and woman a peculiar story about gender identity.

    Salt (2010), Angelina Jolie plays a spy who at some point in the film becomes a convincing male colonel. Albert Nobbs (2011), Glenn Glenn Close assumes the role of efficient butler in a luxury Dublin hotel in the nineteenth century, but in reality it is a woman who has spent years pretending to be a man to live in security and economic independence.

    Even in animation there a similar very significant case. Mulan , the protagonist of the eponymous film must impersonate pdoer man to become a soldier and defend China, on behalf of his family, the invasion of the Huns.

    But not all transsexuality, transvestism or pure costume, movie magic has enabled many actors and actresses have played characters of the opposite gender. href=”https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Hunt” Linda Hunt won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role an enigmatic photographer href=”https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Year_of_Living_Dangerously” The Year of Living Dangerously (1983), John Travolta was adorable and obese mother Tracy in the latest version of the musical Hairspray (2007) Cate Blanchett was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress to become Bob Bob Dylan I’m Not There (2007), played a supermodel in decline in Rage (2009) …

    In Spain, everyone remembers the amazing transformation of actress Blanca Portillo the inquisitor Fray Emilio Bocanegra to The film adaptation of Captain Alatriste (2006 ).


    Eddie Redmayne, Hilary Swank, Jared Leto and other amazing changes of sex in cinema
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    January 24, 2016

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