Eight historical figures who deserve a series

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    Carlos The new historical series’ Carlos, King Emperor ‘, is presented as one of the most interesting fictions that we can see in the 2015/2016 season is already simmering. Your next landing has made us think of other intense historical figures whose lives would give very good drama series. And you, what apostaríais ** Why? **

    Bartolome de las Casas

    Bartolome This Dominican friar who lived between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries is an important Spanish figure, because it represents one of the first names that advocated the Indian defense that America recently “discovered” that many wanted to squeeze the most. His sensibility made her horrified by the abuse being committed against the population. . Sure their struggle inspire a series full of emotion

    Blas de Lezo

    Blasdelezo Do you know who is the Mediohombre ? I am not referring to any character in ‘ Game Thrones’, but a Spanish military who lived in the eighteenth century: Blas de Lezo. If born in the US, I have for quite sure that they would have already made a dozen movies about his adventures. Navy Admiral, tanning in a thousand battles, the many injuries he suffered earned him the nickname we have mentioned above.


    Zaida A series of Princess Zaida would delight all who pirramos us by historical fiction with a romantic touch. Zaida lived in the eleventh century, one of those stories so magical love seem unreal. It was the sixth wife of King Alfonso VI, who gave him a son to be named heir to the kingdom. But, more importantly, was a literate and educated figure who did much to spread their culture in the Christian kingdom .


    Cervantes There are a number of Cervantes TVE issued in 1981. But do not deserve this interesting author not one, but dozens of fiction dedicated to her figure? And it is that Cervantes was not only the writer of ‘Don Quixote’, but featured a exciting life that led him to and fro. His stage soldier, his captivity, his unforgettable forays … would entertain us in a series that movidita.

    Benito Perez Galdos

    Galdos Many literary figures are as interesting as they develop own writings. So with the figure of Benito Perez Galdos canary, that life sipped until the end. His move to Madrid to study law was the first step in finding life in the literary cafes. A genius of his time, funeral was one of the most massive in memory.


    Eugenia A converted Spanish Empress of France , just the headline and arouses the attention of those seeking interesting characters to their fictions. It was not just a pretty figure who dressed and combed neatly, but his intelligence and ambition led directly influence many of the policy decisions of her husband, Napoleon III. In 2011, there was talk of a series on his life, but we came to know about it.

    Africa of the Heras

    Crest of the KGB It’s a shame that there is no longer a show about this woman, but directly, much of society not know who he is. Born in Ceuta in the early twentieth century, De las Heras was recruited by the KGB to work in this amazing world of spies who developed a historical role as invisible as fundamental.

    Rahman I

    Abderrahman I We ask for this one (well , I) ask a series over the centuries in the Muslim world inhabited predominantly peninsula. Do not think blushes a bit, grassroots, just the facts of this period known? A good figure to start would be to Rahman I, who became the first emir of Cordoba .

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    Eight historical figures who deserve a series
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