Elementary OS update Freya gets bigger

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    elementary OS update Freya gets bigger

    Freya Elementary OS 0.3.1 is the latest update to get the Linux distribution known for its beautiful aesthetics.

    At the end April we analyzed elementary OS Freya , one of the most modern, friendly Linux distributions and aesthetically pleasing you can find. Although it has a much smaller team than other popular distros development, the people behind elementary has not gone to sleep on our laurels, and this week have launched Elementary OS 0.3.1 , a major upgrade that resolves over 200 bug reports, improved hardware support and translations, fixes lots of bugs, adds some new features accounts and even more polished user interface.

    To date Freya elementary OS has been downloaded more than 5 million times, and these discharges 70% of users come from Windows and OS X.

    Goodbye glitch double cursor

    Elementary OS Freya review

    Think of all corrections of errors that Freya 0.3 one adds, the more I appreciate is this: finally the cursor to drag a folder to the address bar is no longer doubled. Other important issues that have to do with the resolved support Nvidia Optimus. Workspaces and sight of multitasking function properly

    The version of the Linux kernel has been updated to 3.19 , and improved support for hardware, especially for touchpads of some laptops. Performance and battery consumption was optimized, added support for Intel 5th generation processors, and improved support systems (U) EFI .

    paragraph aesthetic dialogues have been improved file manager, and added a new “Recent Documents” to make it easier to find files. Finally it includes the latest version of the official browser of elementary OS: Midori .


    Elementary OS update Freya gets bigger
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    September 4, 2015

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