ElevationLab launches its new charger wireless NightPad without LEDs

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  • ElevationLab announced this week the launch of the charger wireless for iPhone NightPad Wireless Charger. The device has a super design minimalist, focusing on eliminating distractions such as LEDs and logos.

    The company is characterized by its good designs and for the quality of its products and seeks to differentiate its charger wireless of others on the market due to the absence of LED indicators, which can lead to discomfort, especially if used in the room.

    The NightPad Wireless Charger does not have LED indicators, and performs a sound or vibration when the device starts to load. Also has certification Qi with 7.5 W maximum for the iPhone 8 and X, and 10W to provide support for fast charging Samsung devices. Account with a cable length of high durability, has vents, and technology of thermal management. It is made of a silicone matt, and can work with cases of up to 3mm.

    NightPad has a price of 40 dollars or 50 dollars with a power brick 15W QC 3.0.


    ElevationLab launches its new charger wireless NightPad without LEDs
    Source: www.ipodtotal.com  
    July 21, 2018

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