Elizabeth of England, appointed knights to Ringo Starr, the doctor’s House and Jeor Mormont

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    • The ex-Beattle is the name most prominent of a list of more than one thousand one hundred people who have received the title of knight in 2018.
    • Other new knights well known by the majority of the populace are Barry Gibb, the last ‘Bee Gee’, Hugh Laurie and James Cosmo, who plays Jeor Mormont.

    Ringo Starr, Hugh Laurie and James Cosmo

    The queen of England has begun the year by expanding its cut with two new knights from the music scene. Two veterans enshrined that, from this first of January, can boast the title of Sir.

    this Is Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey), a member of the legendary band The Beatles, and Barry Gibb, the last of the Bee Gees that remains standing. Both have in common not only finish your last art with a double consonant, also be already septuagenarios.

    Ringo Starr step on the Buckingham palace for the first time since more than fifty years ago, when the group went to pick up the Order of the British Empire obtained in 1965.

    there Are many who believe that with this title repairs a tort comparative clamorous. His companion Paul McCartney he was made a knight for two decades. John Lennon he got it even earlier, in 1969, but returned for the role of the Uk in Vietnam.

    But they are not the only outstanding names among the more than one thousand one hundred persons named as knights of the british empire, she has also been awarded the title veteran actor Hugh Laurie, best known for his role on the television series House, and James Cosmo, known in recent times for being Jeor Mormont Game of Thrones.

    in Addition, there are a Spanish that you’ll get the same treatment honorific: Miriam Gonzalez, wife of politician Nick Clegg, who has also been appointed Sir.


    Elizabeth of England, appointed knights to Ringo Starr, the doctor’s House and Jeor Mormont
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    January 1, 2018

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