Elliot continue hacking into his mind: ‘Mr. Robot ‘will have third season

Mr Robot

Earlier summer there were rumors that one of the most successful dramas of the moment would be canceled suddenly to the ‘Penny Dreadful’ . En the time I rushed to predict that it might be this acclaimed drama USA Network which finalized following his second season . It is something that still took more body in my head watching is developing a second season confirming what most interests Esmail is the mental conflict of the protagonist.

This theory began to waver when ‘Mr. Robot ‘released its list of Emmy nominations with six categories, including best drama and actor , but was reinforced by looking at the audience data, which have been rather disappointing . The second season is attracting, on average, about 800,000 viewers and 0.3 rating points demos on the day of issue.

Are poor data even taking into account that these numbers are doubled by incorporating delayed viewing. And so is an even more satisfactory renewal ; we evaluate the quality, cultural impact and social conversation on the psychological and computer misadventures of Elliot and ‘Mr. Robot ‘will have a third season to be broadcast in 2017.

We could not be prouder of’ Mr. Robot ‘, a series that has broken barriers, captured the cultural zeitgeist and has been honored as one of the best television dramas. Halfway through his second season, ‘Mr. Robot ‘still leading the way and opened new opportunities for the chain. can not wait to see where they lead us Sam Esmail and brilliant team behind the series.

Tele Go! | ‘Mr. Robot ‘is recreated (too) in the psychological traumas of Elliot at the beginning of the second season

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Elliot continue hacking into his mind: ‘Mr. Robot ‘will have third season
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