10 beautiful Material Design applications that you can use in your Android

10 beautiful Material Design applications you can Use your Android

Discover your favorite applications Design Material from this list we created especially for you and take the adventure of Android Lollipop.

One of the most significant improvements to Android, for its design, has been the incorporation of Material Design ; a full redesign of this popular operating system created by Google company, known for its colorful, colorful animations, new buttons, minimalist style .

Nine months after the announcement of the arrival of Material Design and five months after the release of Lollipop , we see that This new interface is still slowly incorporating many devices and applications. So you can start enjoying this great redesign, here are some applications that stand out for their beautiful design materials design and you can now download to your Android device.

1. Inbox

Applications Material Design

Although Google has its own application to Gmail , which incidentally also is current material design, Inbox is an application that is more focused on increasing user productivity . Its main features are: group discussions, post management according to priority, set reminders and more efficient searches

2.. Action Launcher 3

Applications Material Design

If you are someone who loves customizability of Android, then Action Launcher 3 you’ll love. It is a application launcher with new features and beautiful interface . With the Quickdrawer ‘ll have instant access to all your applications and Covers can create application folders with individual app appearance.

3. Cabinet Beta

Applications Material Design

With regard to the list of file browsers for Android we published recently, another application that you can not miss is Cabinet Beta . This file browser is stable and powerful . It is designed with a minimalist user interface and supports root access. With it you can access all your folders through a sliding drawer navigation and has all the basic functions of any file explorer.

4. Falcon Pro 3

The official Twitter application may not have all the features that we would like, if you also want to add that material design interface design, then you have to install Falcon Pro 3 . This application displays relevant interactions on the side panel with a intelligent automatic update system . It has a column-based system is fast, beautiful and supports animations optimized for Android 5.0 Lollipop.

5. Simplenote

Applications Material Design

Simplenote It is a beautiful and robust application thanks to its floating button, will help you easily keep notes, lists, ideas, and more . Your notes are automatically synced across all your devices and grows as the number of notes that can make snapshots stored searches and organize them with tags.

6. QuickPic

Applications Material Design

QuickPic is a alternative to your photo gallery in Android application. Material Design offers design, colorful, dive mode and translucent bars. Support services online albums like Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, among others. Furthermore has a photo editor internal that allows you to rotate, reduce, crop or set the background of your favorite images.

7. Google Messenger

Applications Material Design

Messenger of Google is a messaging application that lets you send and receive SMS and MMS messages to any phone. Its clean interface makes it easier to read conversations with friends. Share images, audio messages, emoticons and more with this application full of spectacular animations.

8. Material Calculator

Applications Material Design

The calculator is one of those applications that do not value much until we are faced with an emergency situation. Whether for simple operations or to take the cosine of an angle of 30 °, Material Calculator is definitely a great choice. This calculator application is compatible with all basic functions and advanced functions of trigonometry and logarithms .

9. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is a recognized Android keyboard app that allows self-correction and word prediction in over 60 different languages. It has lots of customization features (over 30 issues) and compatibility with emoticons. Her most prominent role is slide your finger across the screen to form words , making the writing is somewhat faster.

10. TuneIn Radio

Applications Material Design

TuneIn Radio is a service that has more than 100,000 radio stations and more than four million podcasts you can listen from anywhere thanks to its mobile application with new design Material Design. With this application listening to music, follow your favorite podcasts and share it all with your friends


10 beautiful Material Design applications that you can use in your Android
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March 31, 2015

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