10 curiosities of the 2016 Oscar Awards

10 curiosities of Oscar Awards 2016

the 2016 Oscar Awards are scheduled for February 28. Here are some curiosities of nominees for preparing ourselves for the big night.

We started the final sprint to the Oscars 2016. The night gala of the Academy is scheduled for Sunday, February 28 at the Dolby Theatre and will be hosted by actor and comedian Chris Rock. This is the 88th edition of this important prize of the film industry.

​​already know all Oscar nominees Awards and criticism of the Academy for little diversity among the nominees and eventually he has been recognized for its president and changes made to avoid this trend .

so, it’s time to review some of the most important sights of this octagésima eighth award, to warm things up for Sunday dress.

the Revenant, the most nominated film, but …

the recent film Alejandro González Iñárritu is most nominated film this year, however, is not nominated for Best Screenplay . Statistically only seven films have managed to take the jackpot best picture without being nominated for Best Screenplay. In the last 50 years only very famous and award-winning Titanic (1997) achieved this feat, the other films are: Wings (1927/1928), The Broadway Melody (1928/1929), Grand Hotel (1931/1932), Cavalcade ( 1932/1933), Hamlet (1948) and The Sound of Music (1965).

The Revenant

Sylvester Stallone-Balboa again in nominations

in the movie Creed , Mr. Stallone reprized his star character Rocky Balboa in a story that puts him 39 years after his glory in Rocky (1976), tape which was nominated for Best Actor and the Best Screenplay category. His role in Creed and earned him a ​​ Gold Globe and this time competing in the category of Best Actor . cast

few actors have been nominated twice for the same role: Paul Newman , nominated for his character “Fast Eddie” Felson in the Hustler (1961) and winner 25 years later with The Color of Money (1986). Bing Crosby with your character Father O’Malley in Going My Way (1944) and The Bells of St. Mary’s (1995). Peter O’Toole by King Henry II in Becket (1964) and The Lion in Winter (1968), Al Pacino by Michael Corleone and Cate Blanchett by Queen Elizabeth II

No nominated directors

in the last edition for the first time two women participated in the category of Best Director: Angelina Jolie by Unbroken and Ava DuVernay by Selma; but this year no women nominated directors, however, in the category of Best Original Screenplay there are 2 women competing : Meg LeFauve by the beautiful Inside out , Andrea Berloff by Straight Outta Compton; for Best Adapted Screenplay there are 2 other : Emma Donoghue for Room and Phyllis Nagy by Carol .


What have in common the Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road

are the only two nominees of the night that are present in the 7 categories of technical arts are: Best Cinematography, best Costume Design, best editing, best Production Design, best sound editing, best sound mixing, best special effects. The only other films that have been nominated in this way are: Titanic (1997), Master and Commander:. The Far Side of the World (2003) and Hugo (2011)

by repeating nomiación consecutive years

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Eddie Redmayne and Mark Ruffalo are again nominated for two consecutive years in the same category . Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively. If Iñárritu would earn the few directors in two years getting the statuette, the others are: John Ford and Joseph L. Mankiewicz. If Redmayne, leaving Leo again without the prize, won this year also would be among the few actors who have won in the category of Best Actor twice, the others are:. Spencer Tracy and Tom Hanks

Oh, Jennifer!

Jennifer Lawrence is the youngest actress to win four nominations before 25 years . She won Best Actress in 2013 for his role in American Hustle; his other two nominations belong to his work in Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and Winter’s Bone (2010). As we know, this year Lawrence participates in that category by Joy with her golden dumbbell in the direction David O. Russell. The other girl getting a similar feat is the great Meryl Streep who at age 34 had been nominated four times for an Oscar.


The great ‘Chivo’ Lubezki and nominations

Emmanuel Lubezki with its stunning photography to film work has been recognized with 8 Academy Award nominations. Not only that, This is the third consecutive year is nominated in that category ; Lubezki would make history if he wins this year as it did with the tapes are Gravity (2013) and Birdman (2014). His other works were nominated: Children of Men (2006), The New World (2005), Sleepy Hollow (1999) and A Little Princess (1995)

and the record to 50 nominations is for.. ..

John Williams . This composer has won 5 times the statuette from the Academy and has been nominated 50 times. His work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens gave the nomination to break his own record <. / p>

Ennio Morricone has its own record

Ennio Morricone is 87 years and this time is nominated in the category of Best Original making nominee with older . The Italian composer competed for the statuette to six times this year. In 2007 he was awarded the Honorary Oscar for his contribution to music in film

France a country where Oscar winner


in the category of Best Foreign Language film, France stands out with the largest number of films nominated a total of 38 nominations, of which it has won 14 times . In this same follows Italy with 30 nominations, winning 13 times, four of which were films of Federico Fellini; and Spain with 19 nominations, which won 4 times.

On the other hand, in the category of Best Film, 10 films Foreign Language have been nominated and France once again takes the first with 3 nominations (he got the statuette with the Artist in 2011) also followed by Italy with 2 nominations in this category: postman / Il Postino in 1995 and life is beautiful in 1998



remember that Leonardo DiCaprio been nominated five times for his work as an actor, he was also nominated for the Wolf of Wall Street Best Picture; On no occasion he has led the medal. His impressive work in The Revenant has led once again to the war. Will it be the year they finally win win DiCaprio?



10 curiosities of the 2016 Oscar Awards
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February 22, 2016

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