10 excellent sites for learning new languages ​​for free

10 excellent free websites to learn new languages

Would you like to learn a new language? Now you do not have to invest much time and money with these sites to learn languages ​​there is no excuse

Currently, speak more than one idioma is not a luxury, it is a must . Global demands of the world in which we live require new communication skills and it is therefore essential that people can communicate in more than one language. For example, English, although it is not the most widely spoken language, is considered the universal language , why, sometimes, it is assumed that all know what can make us spend more of shame.

Among the speaking, learning English was not a simple task, perhaps the question of pronunciation, but today no longer has to be this way. And it is that learning a new language opens doors to new worlds, new employment opportunities and new relationships. If this interests you then read on and discover the best sites that can help you develop new communication skills easy and fun .


Websites for learning languages

Duolingo is perhaps the most recently arrived in this list of sites for learning languages . However, the team has managed to do it integrates so well that today Duolingo has positioned itself as a favorite service among users. The mobile version is very comfortable to use and the interface is extremely friendly . Currently you can learn Spanish, English (for Spanish), French, German, Portuguese, Italian and other languages ​​that are in beta but will soon be fully available to all.


The best of Busuu large community of users and native speakers with whom you can interact via Chat , this makes learning is somewhat less formal and more productive. Busuu covers the four basic pillars of language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking ( reading, writing, listening and speaking ); which prepare us with the skills to cope competitively to any future challenges


Babbel is the easiest and most effective way to learn a language. The experience of the founders, has helped make Babbel a unique service, which anyone, whether they are beginners or advanced , have the opportunity to strengthen learning. Besides having the ability to bring the application on mobile Babbel, it was announced on the official website Apple that this tool will be one of the first applications available on the Apple Watch that will be released. The newest ad is that the application will have a funcionalidad to perform a Automatic detection of useful words at the right time , depending on the context in which we find ourselves, not great?


Learning lessons Livemocha are broken in reading, writing, listening and speaking but separately, to what they have called a whole-part-whole method. This method consists in presenting new materials that the student has to be broken down into its major components and then reassemble the pieces by applying their knowledge and verifying both the learning obtained. The Livemocha Premium version is not free, however users can earn credits to be guardians of other students , which involves applying lessons learned and provide feedback about their abilities.


Italki is a platform for learning languages ​​with native teachers. The basic premise that handled this site is no more efficient way to learn a new language by speaking; and therefore they received the lessons are taught by tutors . In addition, the lessons learned can also be implemented with the community of people who use this platform

Open Culture

Open Culture is the most complete full collection of resources for learning 48 different languages ​​. Since audiobooks, online, MOOCs courses, movies, electronic books, texts and other resources, Open Culture offers a wider range of expertise to make your learning experience even more real knowledge context.


With over 300 000 courses and more than 285 million words learned, Memrise is a very good option to start. This site uses a very scientific method in the mems which are flash cards , using your existing knowledge to create sensory memories and help remember new vocabulary. Users can even upload your own original mems on the site to help other students. And so that learning is more fun, too early gamificación used.


Lingualia using a artificial intelligence, called Lingu , which you can automatically personalize each student’s level course through a variety elements. Lingu be your coach and be on the lookout for your progress, level, time and motivation. The material used is from Lingualia lessons, audio cards, grammar, dialogues with images and audio, to exercises of practical and realistic use of language. The service is available for computers, tablets and mobile devices to automatically synchronize your lessons and learn from wherever you want.

Foreign Services Institute

Although its interface is quite basic, Foreign Services Institute offers free domain courses developed by the US government exclusively for personal use. These materials are of very high quality, designed by professional linguists with the aim of providing fluidity of student learning.

Learn a language

Learn a language is a site that, although it has a very nice interface, has many interactive resources (visual and auditory) to learn more than 1400 words for free . It also incorporates a form of addictive (Lingo Dingo) to help you during your online language learning. The interesting thing is that you can learn key phrases and greetings, expressions survival and slang words in the language of your choice. In addition, each week new content is published to support your learning goals


10 excellent sites for learning new languages ​​for free
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May 12, 2015

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