10 great platform games for your iPhone or iPad

week we review the best of each genre in the App Store. After scrutinizing

Sonic CD

SEGA – € 4.49

Considered one of the best platforms featuring the charismatic dimensional mascot SEGA, Sonic CD arrives completely restored to iOS: Retina Display graphics, 16:9, its soundtrack remastered Japanese Game Center support and all of the original speed. Save Little Planet confronting your nemesis robotic (in company Tails after completing the game for the first time).

Earthworm Jim

Gameloft – 4.49 €

It takes years buried, but will always be one Earthworm Jim of the most famous video game icons. Engendered by David Perry in 1994, this worm coming to superhero invites us to shoot everything that moves along its 16 levels. Graphics and audio have undergone a major facelift, in addition to touch control implemented. Classic among classics that should not miss in your collection.

Rayman Jungle Run

Ubisoft – 2.69 €

Under the premise of an infinite run any, we expected a title fledged platform. We await recreated over 40 levels with colorful UbiArt Framework engine (Rayman Origins). Our objective is to reach the finish line safely, after collecting Lums populate few scenarios. Unlocking skills over an inch adds replayability. Very pretty. Very funny.

White & the Golden Sword

Cupra Studios – 0 , 99 €

White & the Dark Puppets is a separate set of invoice homeland funded through collective contribution. After going through PC, Cupra Studios is interested in the project of Luis Miguel Carrasco and Javier Martin, making it from scratch for iOS devices. The result is a classic cut platforms and considerable difficulty, a must for fans of the genre in its dimensional aspect.

Ecco the Dolphin

SEGA – 0,89 €

Another classic must. Data from 1992, when Ecco did SEGA Mega Drive appearance. Even then surprised that a dolphin exercised protagonist. Especially the mechanics of underwater exploration along 25 intricate levels. Ecco he find his family in this perfect emulation? Includes U.S. and Japanese versions.

Lost Winds

Frontier – 3 , 59 €

Lost Winds meritorious was the first title for Wii Ware, the independent gaming platform Wii. Frontier took advantage of the benefits of motion control in a title where the wind, as its name indicates, an ingenious gameplay configured. Your precious aesthetic did the rest. The iOS adventure now comes to maintaining the excellence of the original, although via touch.

Mirror’s Edge

EA – 0,89 €

While we are calling for the return of Faith, starring the legendary game halfway between parkour and fighting, nothing better than control in this spin-off mobile. 14 levels test your reflexes pondrána while you run or do the enemy. And if you get tired of stringing solo jumps, you can always bite a friend in split screen multiplayer.

Mega Man X

Capcom – € 4.49

Retina Display graphics, new difficulty modes, and optimized touch control up to 80 additional challenges are the main novelties of which for many is the best title of the series. Mega Man X comes to iPhone with our Super Nintendo conversion, perfect for those who like constant frustration at the controls. Skip and shot the bionic hero par excellence.

Mutant Mudds

Renegade Kid – 0,89 €

Every lover of retro aesthetics, pixel, must be fixed in Mutant Mudds. This is a old school platforms homage to the classic consoles of 8 and 16 bits. 60 levels of depth to this award-winning passable platforms. Attentive tambiéna its old but exquisite sound section.

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge

WayForward – € 1.79

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge was the best mobile game of 2010 on Metacritic valued. Before DSi Ware passed as 2002 sequel to Shantae (Game Boy Color). Action and jumps in an adventure blend between oriental beauty and fantasy, where no shortage of hopeless battles against towering bosses. Cool animations and best sense of humor to a game that will be continued in Nintendo 3DS (Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse).

10 great platform games for your iPhone or iPad
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