10 highly entertaining websites to procrastinate for hours on Internet

If you are looking for a website where spending time and evade all your responsibilities for a few minutes … or hours, we miss you a hand.

The web is definitely a place full of useful information where we can learn new things, learn from what happens in the world, meet people from everywhere, study, work, shop, entertain, make money, etc. At the same time, Internet black hole is the largest distractions that ever lived .

Sometimes it takes to find a dumb site that distract few minutes until we suddenly lost hour basically doing anything alone. Today I will share with you some of the most useless but fun sites I know , serve as a good distraction if you’re too overwhelmed at work and need a break, or if you’re bored and you’re tired of the nonsense publish your “friends” on Facebook. In any case, it is a test of iron that leave you to measure your willpower and achieve spend less than five minutes watching each, instead of losing all the time and not work at all today.

I do it because I love them.

1. Windows 93

This is a fun version of the operating system windows ever created. Windows 93 is an interactive website that simulates a Windows Deployment pretty ridiculous, and completely runs in the browser . It is a travesty and a mockery of the most popular desktop OS in the world, and a marvel of web development.


What the heck NASA has done for your incredible life? WTFNASA is a great website where you gather information about the various NASA research that have improved the lives of all mankind. Everything is exposed in the simplest way possible, and just have to read a few lines, but linked to the original source of research can go deeper if you’re interested.

3. 100,000 Stars

This is an experiment to Chrome in which you can navigate a hundred thousand stars closest to Earth . If you like astronomy, or do much scroll with the mouse , sure you are having a good time on this site.

4. Every Noise at Once

Every noise at once is a huge cloud of tags if you want to call in some way, which brings every musical genre imaginable . Click on any music you let such instantly, plus you can keep browsing and move to a cloud with artists regarding gender.

5. My Noise

myNoise.net is a machine sounds online completely customizable and geared to the needs of hearing professionals, therapists and enthusiasts such machines. Although it may be mistaken for a simple sound generator such that many use to put background noise when working on something, My Noise goes further and allows you to calibrate all types of parameters. It is a beautiful experiment.

6. ReplyGif

Have you ever caused you respond to someone on the Internet with a GIF instead of words? For ReplyGif have a whole Library reactions animated GIFs for every occasion. The GIFs are organized by tags, and there are so many that there hardly a human emotion that do not cover.

7. Strobe

Want to hallucinate a little without taking drugs? In Stobe you can. It is a place of those that will cause a optical illusion if you look at the screen long enough, if not just eat and want to have fun a little deceived by your eyes, you’re in a fun little trip.

8. The Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt is a very interesting project to create a image to zoom Infinity . It is several illustrations that are connected to each other and you can navigate backwards and forwards on a zoom that never stops. It is an incredibly mesmerizing thing, and that probably will take a few minutes of your life.

9. Keybr

This is probably the most useful site for all I mention but that does not mean you can not take much of your time if you take the taste. Keybr is a website that teaches you to type fast on your keyboard has all kinds of exercises for you to become an experienced mecanografista, and for you to develop sufficient mechanical memory to avoid having to look at the keys to never write more.

10. Popurls

Popurls is a content aggregator that collects the most popular links Internet daily, 24 hours a day. If something goes viral, or an article in a blog, Digg or Reddit is getting much traffic and attention, Popurls appears. It’s a pretty convenient way to keep abreast of everything that is happening, but it can become a black hole that never get as much information (mostly unnecessary) is addictive, and you’ll always want more.


10 highly entertaining websites to procrastinate for hours on Internet
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