10 million copies sold Minecraft Pocket Edition


minecraft 10 million copies sold Minecraft Pocket Edition

Who would say that an indie game like Minecraft going to break records in this way, both in its PC version, as in the xbox, or as now in versions android / ios.

advertised several days ago from their website and blog Mojang , very happy to announce the them more than 10 million copies sold in the version” Pocket Edition “gotten in the android and Ios markets. Congratulate you from here to seize rather large space in this competitive world of gaming, where big companies are valedoras of their franchises, and where small companies as Mojang, find it difficult to access the succulent piece of cake to be shared among the millions of players who are around our planet earth.

Minecraft born almost two years will do from the hands of its sole creator Notch , officially dated November 18, 2011, having previously passed through a process of alpha / beta for more than a year, much needed this phase to be known, thanks to word-mouth and full communication with the online community, got gradually grew majestically Minecraft can today boast of a dent in the history of video games.

The first version was in Pc, later giving the shotgun out to the Xbox version, and hand finally reached our android , with this version Pocket Edition, where the features are reduced to Minecraft flashed when it became popular, but giving the possibility to play this original special and great game wherever we can hold in our hands our beloved android device, say, mobile or tablet phablet.

In an open world, giving the possibility to play in Creative mode or Survival, Minecraft opens the door to the world of our imagination and creativity, giving wings to any idea that passes through our heads, however crazy it is. Having great examples in the videos that tens of thousands of Minecraft community has uploaded to YouTube (below I show one). You just have to throw them a good look and see the greatness that Minecraft treasures under visual forms to retro and simple at first glance.

 pocket edition January 10 million copies of Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition version

Apart from being able to build freely in creative mode, we also have survival mode, where we have our character fighting skeletons or spiders , trying to survive gathering wood to build us our own house or digging for us a little den protected from the attacks of the zombies or creepers , can dig down in order to get best metals like gold or diamonds, then you can use them to provide better tools and be able to get each of the items in this version of Android will, I must say that is quite small when compared to of the Pc.

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, we have a world or randomly generated caves to the infinite, is limited to 256 × 256 blocks , very different to that of Pc, where the world generated could reach six times the length of the land has (of course, if we had the various lives to complete it). But I must say that every one or two months succulent updates are added with enough features, which, in a time not too remote to play minecraft almost at our desktop or our Xbox.

game of thrones minecraft it sold 10 million copies of Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft in its heyday in the Pc version

Besides, in the mobile version, we have so many enemies such as the Enderman , but if, skeletons, zombies, creepers and spiders, having our hand to sheep, chickens, cows and pigs in order to take advantage of them by using their wool, meat or feathers. We also have different tools such as shovels, picks and spades, while cycle day / night was recently added . Ability to create your own objects with a new crafting system added, deferring the pc version. We play in mondo Online (LAN) to 5 players can join forces and survival skills and construction in a single server.

Then, the Nether is not present, but if a choice” like “the Reactor Nether , through which we can access a world “dream” PC version like the Nether. We will have our hands on the most basic building blocks that appear in the PC version, can dig for different minerals , or create doors, ladders, torches, beds, tables or crafting table in order to build our own house. Having also several plants like cactus, melon and sugarcane. The list is rather long, not naming here all blocks to which we have access, but as I said before, even not close to the huge list of items we have in the last updates of the PC version.

Still, this version Pocket Edition is perfect to enjoy the Minecraft world in all its essence more offered the option to play it in Lan, makes it an essential purchase for any player using Android as a platform for video games and for any fan of Minecraft aférrimo.

Mojang has announced that next appears “Minecraft Realms” , cloud service that will allow players to play together, “online”, connecting to where you can connect yourself one server at a time from anywhere, forgetting having to be in “lan” to enjoy this magnificent and wonderful Minecraft Pocket Edition in the company of your friends or family.

Finally, from Mojang confirmed that by the end of this May appear another new update , adding the cubes and enabling a system that updates will appear more in less time, and it’s a shame that the PC version every week have new features, and the mobile version, we have to wait one to two months. Hopefully this new system to Minecraft Pocket Edition can really take off as it deserves in this wonderful but limited version of one of the games that have marked time in recent years, if not in recent times.

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10 million copies sold Minecraft Pocket Edition
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May 7, 2013

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