10 things you might not know Mad Max

10 things that may not knew of Mad Max

Here are some curiosities of Mad Max in connection with the premiere of the new movie franchise of George Miller.

The universe of Mad Max , this dystopian future and crazy world created by the great George Miller, returned as a trilogy to the big screen. This will be the first weekend in theaters in many countries around the world of the first installment, Mad Max: Fury Road .

So it is timely to make a movie marathon featuring Mel Gibson , and enjoy the madness grows with the passage of securities and clear, enjoy this new title that gives us Miller. Taking advantage of the hype and the taste for this Australian film director prepare some curiosity that may not know of the trilogy of the 80’s. Enjoy!

10. Medical


George Miller, before be the director who became known for the first film Mad Max, he was a doctor and worked in the emergency room of a hospital. Miller says he saw many difficult things there and automobile accident victims will inspired to their stories.

9. 350 thousand Australian dollars


This amount was the budget the first film in the franchise. Many juggling had to come up to take forward the film, in fact Jon Dowding, the art director, confessed that he had to borrow the ads we see in the scene Jessie will buy ice cream, (he says the back).

8. Mel Gibson


In the first trilogy we see a very young Gibson as an actor, said he was not the cast to accompany his friend Steve Bisley, who plays Goose. Legend also has it days before Gibson had a fight in a bar and that it liked to cast keepers. What it is confirmed by Miller, it is that when I saw the scene knew he had found his hero.

7. Beer


It is no coincidence that the jokes are made Australians and beers. With this in mind, it is said that during recording, the twelve weeks of this, it is coined the use of a currency: the “slabs”. A slab is a pack of 24 beers, and is said to be used to pay people contributing any act or favor for the making of the film.

6. Rangers

Remember the low budget and the slabs? Well, it was necessary to be creative to meet the requirements of Mad Max, well, real gang participated as part of the crew of Toecutter , one of them called themselves ‘Watchers’.

5. Actresses

If there is a scene that fascinates remember me is to Tina Turner as Aunty Entity, the surprise comes from knowing that for the role were considered Jane Fonda and Lindsay Wagner but Miller saw on television Tina talking about his desire to act , so in front wrote the character thinking about it. Also, the role of Max’s wife was for Rosie Bailey, however, because of an accident she had to give way to Joanne Samuel.

4. Silent Film

George Miller says that since before turning to cinema was always film buff, especially the silent movies. Ensures he wanted his films were dumb that, as the great Alfred Hitchcock, subtitles were not necessary. Mel Gibson in The Road Warrior has only 16 lines, for example.

3. Stunts


With all the action scenes including the trilogy needed a team of stunts, however Beyond Thunderdome Mel Gibson did all the stunts.

2. x10


If for the first film’s budget was 350 thousand dollars Australians, the second featured 10 times that figure. Beyond Thunderdome he counted for 12 million Australian dollars. However, already in the XXI st century, with a new trilogy, Fury Road had a budget of USD 150 million.

1. The great George Miller


No I can think of when another franchise that has the characteristics of this: written and directed by the same creator as well as stay in those positions 35 years after the premiere of his first film. Here tells us some things about the tricks used for his epic films forming franchise.


10 things you might not know Mad Max
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May 16, 2015

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