10 tips and 20 hotkeys to Feedly, the successor to Google Reader

To complement our article on 10 reasons to love Feedly and with some help from the good collection of Hongkiat , we highlight here 30 details to make maximum use Feedly, optimize the reading process feeds , save time and most importantly, rest in peace to Google Reader replacing it with a more complete and elegant . Of course, it is the only alternative, we have seen the great features of other applications such as The Old Reader , Good Noows and dozens more .

10 useful tips and tricks:

1. Share images quickly Pinterest
Just put your cursor on an image from any item under review, a small button on the top left which will enable fast image share such options.

1 pinterest

2. Mark Read quickly from the categories pane / folder
Although there is a button in the upper right and a couple of keyboard shortcuts, there is yet another alternative that is useful “cross” with just clicking on the number indicating the number of unread items in feed or folder. Another detail is that Feedly automatically hides the categories whose feeds are zeros (the option is as Categories with No Updates in the Preferences panel ).

2 mark as read

3 . There are also tags to organize items
tags can be imported from Google Reader and can easily be added under the title of each article, where it says “+ Tag”. If the label already exists as a suggestion show otherwise be limited to show the little white box write. Are eliminated from Preferences .

3 labels

4. You can make it even more like Google Reader (topics or extension)
The interface is quite similar to Google Reader but much more elegant, but who wants to can adapt a bit more like the reader feeds of Google. The quick way is to select the white theme in the Themes section (bottom left) and selecting the condensed view ( Titles ), but you can also browser extensions and there to Google Chrome and Firefox .

4 style google reader

5. You can quickly change the view mode
You can change the view mode by clicking on the gear (top right of Feedly) and then selecting the preferred option, or just by clicking on one of the four default buttons always present in the same section.

5 view modes

6. “Auto Mark as Read” when you scroll
For those who are large amounts of sources and time penalties if they have a vertical reading, can optimize the cleaning process in this case “Mark as read”, automating the task just a slip of the mouse scroll wheel.

 6 automatic mark as read

Other tricks and tips that can be seen in more detail in our previous article :

7. In Organize tab (shortcut G & D) sources can be reorganized and folders graphically excellent.
8. You have special functions (tweet, Google search, search and translate Feedly) by simply selecting a piece of text within an article.
9. You save articles to Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket and Delicious directly, even with the MiniToolbar , a bar that integrates with your browser.
10. The best way to find and add new sources (RSS feeds and YouTube channels) is through search on the right , which appears when clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

20 useful keyboard shortcuts for Feedly:

One of the best features of Google Reader was their keyboard shortcuts, and Feedly has managed to bring such functionality to its interface so intuitive that even being , allows a fruitful alternately dispenses mouse handling.

 Shift + J = Navigate to the following category / folder Shift + V = Article Preview in a Browser, B, F, G, L = Share in Buffer, on Facebook, on Twitter and / or Linkedin Shift + S = Send "+1" (Google+) S = Save for reading after Minimize and hide X = M = Mark as read / Mark as unread Shift + M = Mark all as read V = View the original article in a new tab R =  Refresh , reloading all feeds   G + A = View all  feeds  G + D = Go to Organize  section  G + G = Display the Quick Search bar magic G + L = View items marked to read later G + P = Go to the control panel or  Preferences  G + M = Go to the home page J, K = Previous / Next Article P, N = Move between items without opening them? Show window shortcuts = Enter = Open or close an article 

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