11 retro video games that you can play in your browser

11 retro video games that you can play in your browser

Revive your childhood playing these retro games in your browser, without installing emulators or applications.

There is something wonderful in the retro games do not usually find in modern. Although its graphics are not the best and have some limitations at the technical level, this simplicity is part of its charm. For the older video games you can feel the adrenaline and the challenge posed by developing certain skills, limited lives and scenarios that were innovative for the time and are now part of an aesthetic that aims to homesick.

If you miss your old console games, want to enjoy music and unforgettable characters that marked trend and became a reference for the Current game, enjoy these 11 retro video games that you can play in your browser. With these retro games online you will not need to install virtual consoles or decargar applications to return to feel the thrill of your childhood.

1. Super Metroid

retro-game-super metroid
Designed in 1994, this platform game action and encloses adventure. href=”http://www.letsplaysnes.com/play-super-metroid-online/?play=true” Super Metroid was a pioneer in his time, as it was the first to focus on exploration. You have to scroll the map, find hidden areas and weapons. In addition, it features Samus Aran, a strong woman to take up arms.

2. Donkey Kong Country

This platform game 1994 revolutionized the industry at the time, href=”http://www.letsplaysnes.com/play-donkey-kong-country-online/” as Donkey Kong Country had excellent graphics on a 16-bit machine. You have new characters in the series in its time: Diddy Kong, Candy Kong, Funky Kong and Cranky Kong; It is also the first in the series unfold in Donkey Kong Island.

3. Mortal Kombat II

Produced in 1993, the second game successful franchise introduced iconic characters as Kitana, Kung Lao, Baraka and Shao Kahn. href=”http://www.letsplaysnes.com/play-mortal-kombat-ii-online/” Mortal Kombat II is the first game in the series to include other end other than fatality: the Babality (in which you transform your opponent in a baby) and Friendship, which make your opponent alliance

. 4. Prince of Persia

This is one of the first games that I played in my life and what I remember most is that it was overly complicated, as you arranged just 60 minutes to rescue the princess . href=”http://www.letsplaysnes.com/play-prince-of-persia-online/?play=true” Prince of Persia is not only a challenge but also he had an impressive fluidity of movement for its time.

5. Mega Man X

The object of this game is 1993 exceed 8 levels / screens and their bosses , to steal weapons and powers to then defeat the final boss. Undoubtedly, href=”http://www.letsplaysnes.com/play-mega-man-x-online/” Mega Man X is too funny and a whole classic you need to play.

6. Duke Nukem 3D

This shooter of 1996 put the bar very high for future similar games , because it has many levels and scenarios: open spaces, streets, submerged cities and space stations; full of passages and shortcuts. Href=”http://www.letsplaysega.com/play-duke-nukem-3d-online/?play=true” Duke Nukem 3D weapons also became more Large: launchers, guns to freeze and shrink and pumps; well you arranged for jetpacks to fly, night vision goggles and even a double to distract enemies.

7. Battletoads

This game is 1991 considered one of the most hard of all time. In it, you control a frog that must defeat Dark Queen and rescue his kidnapped companions. If you like challenges, you must href=”http://www.letsplaysnes.com/play-battletoads-online-nes/” Battletoads play.

8. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Launched in 1991 is considered as one of the best RPG in history . With wonderful music, cute graphics and flawless frame, dynamic environments, multi-level dungeons and fun objects, you need play The Legend of Zelda:. A Link to the Past so that manage to understand why it remains so even today hailed

9. Doom

first person shooter developed in 1993. Doom play as a marine crossing the gates of hell and must struggle with demons and evil spirits. It is considered a pioneer of its kind, to lay the groundwork for such games. Full of violence and action, it is my favorite.

10. Super Mario World

It is a platform game of 1990, the fourth franchise . Href=”http://www.letsplaysnes.com/play-super-mario-world-online/” Super Mario World, Mario and Luigi must rescue Princess Toadstool from the clutches of Bowser, so you must travel through the seven worlds of Dinosaur Land. It is in this game where you can use Yoshi, in addition to the pen that lets you fly.

11. Super Mario Kart

Developed in 1992, is the first game the saga of Mario Kart. href=”http://www.letsplaysnes.com/play-super-mario-kart-online/” Super Mario Kart has the same adventurous spirit and fun of this franchise, it is also quick and easy to play; ideal for making those extra minutes of your break in the office.


11 retro video games that you can play in your browser
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August 26, 2015

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