12 +1 things you can do with Android, not an iPhone

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Since time immemorial, Android and iPhone (iOS) have been at odds to levels that few have matched battles . Both your system, as users, have been involved in a thousand disputes, as many accusations, and some criticism later grateful (but does not find anyone.)

On the Internet we found hundreds of images , gifs, articles and other herbs related to the topic, and now we have a new version of iOS, with a trillion-tropecientasmil improvements there are still some things to do or available on Android, but not iOS . A curious collection mode, see what things we can do in front of the coveted Andy apple.

DISCLAIMER : This article is written in a tone of humor, so it should be read as such.

you send me a photo via Bluetooth that I have no Internet?

+ Of course, what you put the device name?

– My iPhone

+ … this … I’m afraid I will not go

Conversation I’ve experienced firsthand. Something as simple and straightforward as is the BT, so useful in certain times when you do not have Internet for whatever reason, it becomes a headache for many people. I do not understand the real reason that iOS does not allow a simple photo transfer using this technology.

 Android vs iOS 1

AirDrop But yes you can, tell few. Yes, between iPhones. That cool deck.

My iPhone has retina display

This means that you have a super-sharp resolution and mega big. It looks p … mother. Joint answer from many users.


It is true that Apple very well known to sell “their” stuff, and putting cool names, get it. Retina Display is just a nickname to say that your screen has a pixel density of 326 ppi (higher than the human eye can perceive) with iPhone 4 or higher and a resolution “made in Apple” 1136 × 640 in iPhone 5. Okay, we have Android standard resolution of 1920 x 1080 FullHD densities, eg 441 dpi. as the Galaxy S4.

Copy files and music to the device

Got a micro-USB cable out there? Well brings you step photos of the weekend and the music we put on the party.

This sentence, as a rule, does not apply to iOS users (cable for granted what not). The ease of power Android connect to almost any computer, be it Linux, Windows (and a Mac) to copy files with a simple micro-USB standard cable a 99.99999% of people have at home in some other device, makes it the most comfortable.

 Connect Android to PC

But iPhone has a very groovy cord called Lightning can be plugged no matter if you are up or down, in need of iTunes and as much Windows (officially). Mola.

I run out of battery!

No problem: turn off the phone, remove the back cover, take out the battery, put the spare I carry on suitcase, close the lid, and roll.

iOS battery fail

Many Android (almost the majority) have that bullshit that allows us to use the phone you want without worrying about battery, which in iPhone, however optimized say it’s the battery, which will give heavy use, you takes half a day and if you have a charger or cable to connect to your computer (a Lightning beater, because a micro-USB remember that no good) … ill go.

Face Unlock (roll futuristic)

Bah, that’s bullshit and has no security . Also heard on more than one occasion. Face recognition technology added to the latest versions of Android is a breakthrough not only in the release, but may be carried many other fields.

 Face recognition_1

As simple as turning on the screen , look at the phone and this is automatically unlocked. For now iOS users do not have this feature as not useful (I stress “for now”), but they have fingerprint unlocking. Now that rocks! Until winter comes and you have to wear gloves .

Widgets, widgets, and widgets

This word is on the lips of many Android users when show something that iPhones can not do: to see, at a glance, calendar appointments, time, issues of unread mails, our list or recent tweets. And all without having to open the application in question . 5 surgeries without leaving the desk. Good.

 iOS Widgets

But that iOS users do not care, because they do not. It is more comfortable going application by application. By the way, Apple iOS has added 7 1 “widget” to the desktop. Will the beginning of the addition of a few new icons ….

Look into my eyes

control the phone That eye was little more than an invention of the future of science fiction movies. Then came the S4.

Now if you’re eating a greasy burger, you can continue reading your favorite item without touching the screen to scroll the page. suffice with a small movement of your eyes for it.

 Face recognition

All applications are friends

Well, this section maybe not understood, but that is easily solved. In Android there a menu “share” that is really for, to share .

Now you know what I mean, right?. Indeed, in Android we can share anything with any application that we have installed and support that file. Obviously, we can not share a PDF with Instagram. Another thing as simple as downloading a file (not pictured) of Dropdbox to our terminal in Android is very simple in iOS impossible.

 Share Android menu

Operation in second REAL plane

And by that I mean that to quit an application that is running (not just open, but working), he continues to do . In iOS, with Spotify, for example, if you’re downloading a list of music, and whatever turns off the screen, even without leaving the app, the download stops, and you keep the screen on for download. Same with the list updates, until you open the application, not updated. Genius.

In Android, which is a list update, this is done automatically without having to do anything. The instant photo upload in iOS Dropbox has also given me problems, that until I open the app up … Fail not, because there is nothing automatic. This for instance, but more than enough to see the difference of Android multitasking with iOS.

Not to mention that the pass system between apps and closing them is completely new Apple and a design never seen to date.

 iOS Multitasking fail

Maps serving

When Apple announced its wonderful maps, many were those who jumped for joy to be able to kick those crappy Google maps , which is so damaging to have to include installed on an iPhone … Well, some jumped off a cliff to follow the directions of Apple Maps .

As much as Apple is endeavoring to create their IMAPS, hard to reach the level of Google have now, for the simple fact that the latter takes a little more time working on them. Not to mention navigation routes or public transportation lines.

 Apple maps fail

back button

This point is something that until you try it, do not know what you’re missing if you have not . As a user of Android, iOS using you realize that without it, how to use a cell becomes uncomfortable, sometimes too much. Little more to add.

 Back button

Several screen applications

Pa’que? If on a mobile not see anything. True, but on a tablet.

able to work with 2 applications at once, on one screen, without having to jump from one to another continuously, not only makes the job much more comfortable , but it shows again offering Android multitasking . Being in a meeting, for example, or in class, with a PDF where the points of the day, and right next to have your small notebook for notes, or be reading a press release commenting and chat simultaneously.



Okay, this is something that has little to do with the system, its usage or utility, but do not tell me that is not cool to have Andy as a pet. That little green robot, so funny and friendly, with many facets, dressed in all possible ways. Android is the future that is leading to this, while Apple has an apple representing …

center;”>  Andy

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12 +1 things you can do with Android, not an iPhone
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September 29, 2013

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