13 applications for Android that I (re) discovered in 2015 and are now indispensable to me


Throughout the year for sure that many of you you prove a lot of applications for Android. In my case, being editor of this publication, download and purchase a lot of apps. Most of them do not last long because they are usually for testing, comparative or simply I realize that they are not for me. Only a few end up staying and now that 2015 is ending, it is time to share with you my great discoveries of the year.

The list that I have prepared has some all : applications that have debuted this year, older ones that I discovered and reunions with apps that have undergone a major facelift. They all have the common denominator of which use the Android you use, they will always be there, at least for a while. Before starting I would like to clarify that the list is not in any specific order.



Hablamos her last week at the blog. I really like the Custom Tabs in Chrome but adoption has been very slow. WebView is very poor and often do not want to load more than one tab in Chrome , which is also slow for fast readings. Thanks to Chromer that drama is over and every time I open a link in an app is through Custom Tabs.

It is a very simple application that perfectly fulfills its role. It does not look much like other apps that we will see in the list but it is essential for give some agility Android . A little apps that developers introduce Custom Tabs naturally, Chromer have less value but until then take a small hole in the memory of my Android.


Chromer web browser



I sail much Reddit, Hacker News and Designer News . The problem is that I need to read each application and there are times when all I want is to have a quick eye on the headlines to find the topics that interest me. One Shoot that problem bring a reader to the sites mentioned among others.

It is very simple and does not have as many options as individual customers of each medium but to get me every day two or three times to locate the most powerful themes and save them in Pocket. When I want to explore further, I have other applications


One News



I’ve been using this task manager for more than two years. I can not say at this point is a surprise and a great find but I have reason to introduce it here. What is the best? have had a much needed redesign Material Design as the main reference.

They have recently added other features like support for Android Wear or the possibility of programar tasks according to places. A function that is more useful than it seems at first glance. For all this, and what they already had, Todoist still my favorite task manager . It is complex first but once we have it configured to your liking it is a perfect tool

 Todoist: Task List

Todoist: Task List version 8.0

QR Code

  • Android version: 2.3
  • Developer: Doist
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free with integrated shopping
  • Category: Productivity

Today Calendar

Todal Calendar

When the se offer put ten cents decided to give it another chance. I love Google Calendar and Sunrise header was my app. Back to Calendar Today was a success and since the install again has become my favorite client to manage appointments in Android.

Simple, intuitive navigation system comprehensive, good integration with Google Calendar . In some ways it is a bit rarer than Sunrise but overall I feel better Today Calendar application. The Pro version is no longer on sale for 3.33 euros but is a purchase with which you are not going to fail.

Today Calendar Pro

Today Calendar Pro Productivity

  • Price: 3.33 euros
  • Developer: Jack Underwood
  • Download: Google Play

Solid Explorer

Another classic in 2015 has seen a dramatic change . There are many file browsers in Android. ES File Explorer is the best known but a new sheriff has come to town: Solid Explorer is an equal application complete with a more attractive design and better management of folders and files. Also, if we can root get more out.

Everyone stays with her for customization options, which are many, but if you need an application to manage folders, give him a chance. The app is free for a couple of weeks and once we have completed the trial period we pay. They are usually two euros but these days of Christmas is supply and can get a license for one euro.

Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager Productivity

  • Price: Free (with integrated shopping)
  • Developer: NeatBytes
  • Download: Google Play

App Hunt


The best way to find new applications and bangin read every day in Engadget Android. For everything else there App Hunt. A tool that allows apps discover and games thanks to a small community of users that proposes and then vote to go up in the ranking of the most popular. The system is similar to Digg and Reddit, to give you an idea.

Every time we go to App Hunt is easy to see new applications. Sometimes we run into classics like Swiftkey or Falcon Pro but the lists are renewed so fast it is easy to see apps and games that do not know and probably worthwhile. Attention developers. This is a perfect platform to promote your creations shuttle

App Hunt

App Hunt Social Networks

TV Guide


Last week I brought un compilation series applications to follow. Until now he had used TV Show but when I discovered Guide Series I realized that the latter is a more powerful and comprehensive tool . The connection with trakt.tv is perfect and if you need an app to follow your series has it all.

With Trakt have a huge catalog and the interface is very well designed. The grace of this application, as I explained, is to use it to go following the progress of the series and know what the next episode you have to do and when issued, if the series remains in the air.


SeriesGuide TV



I’ll many press conferences throughout the year. At each floor I’ll end with a few leaves with information about the event and what has been presented. I do not like so many papers to file so my answer is always the same:. Take a picture and save it to the cloud and then share it with colleagues or just have it when you need

Yes, you can take a picture and you’re Scanbot but we can arrange each photo PDF document and have a ready copy to work with. It is a very useful tool if you work daily with no papers and you want complicaros. Talk about work but if you study, you also will draw out for notes and photocopies of all kinds.


Scanbot Productivity

  • Price: Free (includes purchases)
  • Developer: DooGmbH
  • Download: Google Play

Crawl Card


Card Crawl la perfect combination of a card game with the classic Dungeons and Dragons role . Fast games where a deck of 54 cards have to survive monsters and traps by using objects and weapons of all kinds. The principle is catch him some point but once we take two or three rounds and understand the mechanics, it is very addictive.

The free version is limited but offers enough content to decide if we deserve it or not pay. If we do, you have a lot of testing to do and several letters to unlock. It is not the only game that I liked this year but one that surprised me most. For quick items anywhere in a perfect pastime.

Card Crawl

Crawl Card Card Games

Monospace Writer


I’ve tried many applications to write on mobile or tablet but none convinced me. Either they were too complex for what I needed or did not quite convince the time of writing. With Monospace Writer found just what I wanted : A markdown editor simple but with enough choices for layout and then stored in the cloud

In its simplicity is what I want. : documents neatly arranged, hand-format selection without upsetting as I write and simple interface. It is an application that I love to write drafts of posts and then dump them raw on the blog and ends there and getting editing photos and other items. More than a post on Engadget Android so I have written this year.


Monospace version 1.1

QR Code

GoPro Action Cam Suite


GoPro your cameras are fantastic but your official application is a mess. I do not like, does not work well and además there is an alternative made by a small independent study gives many laps. If you have a camera action of this company, give it a try because it is a great tool.

Timing is easier, not give problems when viewing documents and also exports to the first uncut, regardless of the size of files you’re trying to transfer. It is free but has limitations as put a watermark or lower quality transfers. Fortunately pay a small fee to remove those barriers.

Feedly Reader


Feedly tires me a bit and this year decided to try something new. I do not like RSS readers that do not rely on Google Reader or Feedly but what I really mean is that I am too lazy to set up a list from scratch. Buscando di alternatives with this Reader and since I found, has accompanied me on my Android devices.

Feedly Reader is everything I look for in an RSS reader Android: fast, without artifice and offering good connectivity between devices with my Google account. I still miss something as powerful as Reeder on iOS but this application has been a discovery of the year.


FeedlyReader News

Google Photos


Unable to leave off the list Google Photos . Until recently, the gallery that brought Android was mediocre (and still is). Fortunately in Mountain View they have managed to regain the helm and provide a new service that also has the appeal of offering almacenamiento unlimited cloud to go up all the images and pictures that we please.

As gallery is not the most complete application but does well with what he does. Where else looks is managing photos in the cloud and that has become a reference. For me it is essential and has managed to bury Dropbox in favor of Google Drive

 Google Photos

Google Photos Photography

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13 applications for Android that I (re) discovered in 2015 and are now indispensable to me
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December 24, 2015

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