13 new MIUI 8: double desktop color burst

Miui 8 Colors Redesigned

Xiaomi wants MIUI 8 is another reason for users to decide for their smartphones rather than one of competition. Just introduced the new iteration of its Android layer with a long list of changes that begin aesthetics, muy away from his old style to iOS .

Without going into small details, looking only above, there is a long list of 13 changes in the broad sense between those affecting the redesign, which relate to the basic functional and affecting some of the installed applications.

Of course, little trace of Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the next version of MIUI, which makes it buried up in typography. In addition, Xiaomi has unveiled the calendar, which opens this month of May.

Two desks with their own unlock pattern

Two Different Miui 8 Desktop One Phone 768x432

The double desk will become one of the strengths of this layer of customization and it probably will gradually see more Android smartphones. It allows two passwords and unlock each redirected to a different destination screen . A very simple solution to save a step in everyday use.

To make it easier navigating a hand on large screens, Xiaomi added to the button layer floating menu that we have seen in other companies. Allows placed anywhere on the screen capacitive buttons, the lock and keyboard.

Translate Word Option Miui 8 768x429

Other improvements in their functions are battery saving mode with that promise between two and three hours duration , a detection system fraudulent SMS and translation function menu displayed when selecting text occurs, of course, for the Chinese.

A skin that changes color in MIUI only 8

The gray rainbow is over, alive. White becomes the basis on which a more vivid image is constructed changes color depending on the month, time, sound or even WiFi connections . As we have already seen, it occupies more space for their great header, which provides at all times the search bar and the app time.

Miui 8 Color Changes

the preview video of April and let us see how they have changed notifications, reflected on a much lighter background, and the menu of floating adjustments that happens to be an agglomeration of icons in two long pages a sliding bar attached to a single row header.

Another important change to their country of origin: a source of own design called My Lanting . From Xiaomi they say it is much more enjoyable when you spend several hours reading, but after all is another of those improvements to your market.

Miui 8 Mi Lanting Font

also very focused on the local market is its new carousel wallpapers for lock screen. They have been told that they have partnered with some 50 companies to offer their users a different image every day, but is not expected to be a free option.

Editor full video and from the gallery

If there is an application that is in continuous renewal is the gallery. Xiaomi promises to save up to 90% space managing high-definition images between the device and the cloud. In addition to changing the presentation, they have added an intelligent cataloging system that groups which are similar and puts stickers classes to make it easier to identify them.

Miui 8 New Gallery App

Moreover, MIUI 8 offers more possibilities of editing photos with new filters and effects. But the most interesting is the editor of videos from the gallery, which goes beyond cut and compress and lets add visual effects and sound .

Among the applications themselves have received improvements is your notebook, you can now protect password or fingerprint, scientific and financial calculator, capture or screen reader codes and formulas that it goes beyond the QR and bars to be capable of transcribing texts or solve math problems .

Miui 8 Video Editing

Release Calendar MIUI 8

on May 16, records for the beta of MIUI 8 and opens until 1 June this phase of testing does not start. A couple of weeks later, on June 17, begins the distribution of ROM developers. You will have sorporte for almost its entire catalog. It will be consistent with Mi 2 / 2S / 3/4 / 4C / 4S / 5 and Max, plus all redmi and My Note.

So here come the dates offered by the company. All correspond to the China version, none of the international version. And no word on when it will start to distribute the stable version for its 200 million users.

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13 new MIUI 8: double desktop color burst
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May 10, 2016

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