13 tips for those who love Spotify

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Spotify is the king of the services streaming music, and while it has plenty of competition, it remains by far the favorite of most users. I’ve tried almost all similar offers, but at the end of the day I stay with Spotify, catalog, ease of use, features, and then to practice.

more than a year ago I wrote an article with ten tricks to Spotify that many people may not know . In that time many things have changed, for example, we no longer have client applications within Spotify, but have also come new things, such as applying for PS4, and soon we will have support for Chromecast . Here are some tips for get more out of Spotify .

1. Use your phone as a remote control

If you have installed the application Spotify Android or iOS can control playback of music on any other device , another PC or if your game console is dreaming something. You can change songs, volume up and down, pause and resume, etc.

Ideal for the lazy who do not want to move from the bed or sofa to change the song.

2 . Receive notifications of your favorite artists

This is old, but many people do not realize it. On Spotify you can follow other users, for example your friends. You can also follow playlists and receive notifications when new songs are added. But, my favorite social function is to follow artists as Spotify notifies you immediately when they released a new single and a new album .

This is great if you follow a huge amount of musicians and lose track of which have new music.

3. Download your music for offline listening

This is one of the benefits of Spotify Premium, if you decide to pay for Spotify not only you fail to listen ads McDonalds, but you can download entire albums or playlists to listen when you have no Internet connection . This is perfect for mobile, and will not have to spend data when we are in the street.

Of course, the music only works within the application of Spotify, it’s not like you’re going to lose the MP3 and save them wherever you like.

4. Organize your albums by date

Another great option that has little more than a year is implemented to be able to save any album in your library so you do not have to turn them into playlists. Now if you’re like me, you may keep records unceremoniously and many have not finished hearing them all ever. An excellent idea to bring order is organizing drives by the date on which the added , this way you can give priority to those who saved first or last. It’s an incredibly simple but extremely useful function.

5. Listen to music while playing in your PS4

If you own a Sony game console of this generation, you’re in luck. Recently the PS4 account exclusively with their own implementation of Spotify, and you can not only control it remotely from mobile, it works in the background, that is, you can start your favorite game, lower the volume of music own the game, and instead listen to your favorite album or playlist Spotify .

6. Send music to your Chromecast

The official support is at a doorstep, but in the meantime, if you have an Android device, you can download the Spoticast to send music to your Chromecast Spotify. Not the prettiest app world and has etter interface, but it works.

7. Create a collaborative playlist or a secret super

One of the most social things are lists Spotify collaborative play, you can create and share it with the world so that anyone can subscribe to it and add your own songs . Hypertext have one of those, started by Javier.

If just want the opposite, create playlists and nobody hears them, you have the option of making secret and will not appear on your profile ever.

8. Facebook

Link your Spotify account to Facebook has its advantages, especially if you are an avid user of this social network. First, your contacts who use the service will appear in a special column on the desktop application, you will see they hear all the time. You can also share songs you like, or discs, or artists directly from Spotify to your wall. It also makes the process easy to log do not have to enter the password again.

9. Last.fm

If you’re one of those who use the scrobbling Last.fm this function is essential for you, from the preferences can connect your account. If you do not know what this is, is a service last.fm pretty good music in musical recommendations are concerned. The scrobbling is a function that allows save each and every one of the songs you hear in a database , so you know you hear more and when. It is a jewel of personal quantification, I have my statistics href=”https://www.last.fm/user/gabriela2400″> since 2008.

The other advantage It is obvious to last.fm know what you hear offers recommendations based on your tastes . They are impeccable 99% of the time.

10. Insert playlists

If you have a blog or a forum visitors you can share lists Play for people to hear directly from the site. If you click on the playlist and options you choose “copy the code”, you can insert it into any web and you’ll see mireproductor music. A very useful extra, especially if you write about music. Thus:

11. Weekly Discovery

It took a few weeks to realize that Spotify had implemented this feature and now suffer thinking of the 60 songs that I missed . In the Scan section to start Spotify you can find from about two months ago (maybe a little less), a space called “Discover” with recommendations designed especially for you. The highlight of this section came to the playlist Weekly Discovery a list created by algorithms that selected 30 songs for you every week .

The songs are often so successful that scared a little. Of course, if you really like some store it in another playlist, because in seven days expires and the list changes completely. I’ve created a with the best of all weeks and growing all the time, it’s love. Oh, and you can also follow the weekly lists Discovering your friends, so if you have a friend with similar musical tastes can review your list every week and discover more great things.

12. Spotify for Linux

Spotify is the only app largest streaming music that gives native support for Linux . It’s another reason why I prefer the service to everyone else, simply offer more options. You can install the old desktop client this method works on Ubuntu and derivatives . If you are using Arch AUR compilations there, because what there is in AUR?

If you want to try the beta customer, is estos steps

Add the repository:

echo deb non-free testing | sudo tee / etc / apt / sources.list.d / spotify.list

Updates the list:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

13. Use spotify in a country where it is not available

 tricks to spotify

This will constantly ask me especially because I’m in a country where Spotify is not available: Venezuela. The simplest solution is to use the service pay for a premium account. Why? Because you get “unlimited ride”. What does this mean? You can use your Spotify account as unrestricted travel, ie when you are in another country regardless Spotify does not exist there.

Now, you need a means of payment from a country where it itself is available service. On the other hand, you need to create your account through a VPN that says you’re in there.

If you can not afford the premium, there is a “trick” to bypass the restriction : uses a VPN to create your account (Spotflux, Hotspot Shield, HotspotShield are some options). And presto, you’ll hear music with advertising. The only problem is that you do not have “unlimited voyage” so every 14 days must log in again from another IP, using the VPN, and the counter is reset for 14 days free Spotify.


13 tips for those who love Spotify
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