13 tricks for customizing Gmail to Android


The e-mail application to Gmail is highly customizable, we offer a variety of options to customize both your inbox as well as the actions that you can perform with your application or notifications.

you Can customize Gmail Android to our liking to fit our preferences and the way you use a mail client. Below we look at the 13 best options for you to customize Gmail for Android.

inbox Type


Menu > Settings and touching in the direction of our account we can customize the inbox. Here the first option that we found is inbox Type. Here by default we will display the emails in the order of arrival but we can tell you that we first display the important emails, unread, starred or priority.

Categories of the inbox


The second option that we find to customize our tray is Categories of the input tray. Here we can enable or disable trays Social, Promotions, Notifications and Forums to automatically organize emails Gmail for us.

Best offers


right There, in the section of Categories of the input tray find the option – Enable grouping of important emails. If you have enabled this option so that we will see at the top of the tray, Promotions a small section that will remind us of the Best deals that have come to us to our mail.

intelligent Answer


In the settings of our email account we can also disable the intelligent answer if you don’t want Gmail, we suggest answers in our emails.

View conversation


we can Also turn off the view conversation for if we do not want to group together the responses of a same mail under a conversation. To disable this view for the emails of accounts that are not Gmail you have to go to the general settings.

Confirmation of actions


In settings > general Settings you can activate the confirmation of actions, if we want that Gmail will ask us to confirm every time that we are going to delete, archive, or send an e-mail.

Actions when you slide your finger


general Settings also you can customize the action that will appear when you swipe an e-mail from the inbox. We can customize the gesture to swipe to the right and to the left to our liking.

default Action response


In the default Action response we can tell you to Gmail if you want it to only respond to the person who sent us the mail, or by default to respond to all of the people who received a copy in the mail.

default notification


we can Also customize the action that appears in the notifications of Gmail. By default the action is to Archive, but we can change it by Remove item from the default notification.

Advance auto

Gmail 1

The option Advance auto allows us to select the behavior that has to do with Gmail when you delete or archive a mail when we are with the conversation open, if we want to go back to the inbox, open the most recent email or the email most ancient.

Image of the sender


If you do not want to see the picture of the sender in our inbox, and as well as step, to see more text of our mail, we can turn it off by deselecting the option Image of the sender.



In the settings of our email account we also find two options that allow you to disable the automatic download. The option Images will always display the images, and to see them have to touch the option for “Show the images” that will appear to us from that time in each e-mail.



finally, we can also disable the automatic download of attachments for if we receive many emails with files that in the majority of cases, no we download in our Android device. So do not fill it to cache the storage of our device.

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13 tricks for customizing Gmail to Android
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August 28, 2018

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