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Android Developers

We’ve talked about Native Programming ( Learn Android in 20 concepts ) on other APIs to use , such as Xamarin . But sometimes you need further information or additional tools that provide us certain aspects of programming.

Today we will discuss some tools, libraries or blogs that are useful for anyone developer Android. There goes our list of must.

Best Android developer tools


centre;”>  okhttp

Square This product is a library for Android Open HTTP and Java code that allows us to solve some problems that the developer is working with HTTP. It is built on HttpURLConnection, so the API should be like us. It also manages the updates that do not have headaches with earlier versions of the operating system.


centre;”>  retrofit

This product Square also provides us open a REST client for Android and Java code. It allows a high level of customization, and parsing JSON using GSON. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that use Retrofit OkHttp if available in our application.


centre;”>  picasso

Other open source product over Square . This provides us with a library for downloading images and uses cache. It has many customization options, such as resizing images. It’s simple to use, but very useful, as we will manage downloading images when they are not already cached in memory.



This is a web site that allows us to have compiled lots of useful information for us as programmers: tools, libraries and resources. Unfortunately, no search functionality and is not easily understandable.

Android Weekly

android weekly

Here is the list of emails in the first we should be if we want to be part of any distribution list. It is a newsletter dedicated to the community of Android development, including news on new libraries, tools, blogs … If you do not have email or do not want to receive emails, you can always check the site every Monday to see what’s new.

android niceties

This is a great collection of experiences well designed and developed within the Android ecosystem. There are well known applications as Duolingo here or Etsy, among others.

Android Lifecycle


This code allows us to fully understand about the cycles Life of Activity and Fragment classes and how they relate to user interaction, both within and outside of our application.

Android Asset Studio

 android asset studio

This site allows us to generate different kinds of resources for Android: Notification icons, application of Drawer … Navigation is certainly a tool of I use the most.

colors Generator for Android Holo

generator android holo colors

This tool facilitates us creation of resources to have a theme for our application. It’s very simple to use, but it helps us a lot when we have to deal with themes based on Holo and others that do not support previous Holo.

DPI Calculator for Android

 dpi calculator

As simple as the name suggests. a tool to calculate all densities of pixels per point on an a priori necessary to introduce

Android Developers Youtube Channel

android developers

Definitely a channel to which I am subscribed on YouTube. It is a channel where everything is focused on Android, designed from the point of view of the programmer. They talk about development, design, user experience … A must have .

Gradle, Please


If you’ve recently switched to Gradle and need help with dependencies, this tool will help very simply. So simple, yet so useful …

Base android platform / platform


Is Android based information utilizad code? Well, yes. There are many times that I had to personally ask something specific to the functioning. Especially in cases where the JavaDoc does not clarify our doubt.

official Android documentation

As some have commented

again, the official Android documentation must be our particular Bible. I think words are unnecessary.

officer of Training Android

When we have official documentation doubt, the best we can do is take a look at all the examples you can see the official training of Android. Code made by those who develop the platform. What to say!

Google I / O


definitely , the amount of video generated on event programming thanks to Google I / O is worthy of mention. Here as an example, have the 2010 . Lectures of all types, tricks, advice, howtos

on unofficial Android Tutorials

can also have many tutorials on Android that are not officers. Yet they are very useful. Here some examples, but the list can be endless:

Beginners Documentation

Although it is best to start with official documentation, we have many resources, especially for beginners or people who first started programming for Android. Here are some examples, although again the list AYou can be infinite:

Books on Android

As for books, there are also many although I use the following reference:

Professional Android 4 Application Development by Reto Meier

Definitely a book to be considered as a reference for all, as it is well explained and good code as an example. Definitely worth buying.

In addition to this book, find others to introduce us to Android is really easy. Here are some examples:

20 Concepts

android development

How to pass this section without mentioning the section from The Free Android’ve posted! I think it is a fairly comprehensive section as an introduction to the Android world.

conclusion …

This list is tiny

really all we can find on the Internet but certainly can serve useful. Yes listed the most important, but does not mean they are all relevant. We had to select 20 for the list is not external, but not because the 20 mean anything special!

And you, you see it useful? What is your favorite?

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20 essential resources for Android developers
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June 1, 2014

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