20 GIFs for science lovers, explained

20 GIFs for science lovers, explained

the good of the network is to have moving images, lighter than movies, but more explanatory than the photos. E ...

the good of the network is to have moving images, lighter than movies, but more explanatory than the photos. E ideal to explain some curious scientific phenomena.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And if the image moves, and its value increases. In addition, if we explain what we are seeing, we have an almost perfect match.. So here we bring you some scientists gifs with which we approach various scientific topics in a visual and interesting way

neuronal connection

the synapse is the part that connects one neuron to another, because these are independent cells. To send and receive information at such high speed, neurons communicate by electrical impulses and chemical signals. The latter are those we see in the image, spread through the neuronal tissue.


fungi are a kingdom himself, the fungi. They are more like animals than plants in their most intimate features. But they also have much in common with bacteria. What we see here is “bang” (actually occurs very slowly) mycelium, the fungus body.

Gravitational Lens

One way to observe black holes is using the property of gravitational lensing, which deforms the light to its closest pass by a body with a large gravitational field.

triazine cyanuric

The triazine is a compound shaped ring that is used to make resins, herbicides and other products. Specifically, the cyanuric triazine is a nontoxic, easy to handle and clean derivative. But when it reaches 205 is capable of explode with a detonation velocity of 7,300 meters per second, which shows the high energy density having the compound.

miosis eye

the eye adapts automatically to the ambient light. To do so, like the diaphragm of a camera, it closes or opens automatically to protect the retina. The effect is called miosis closing and execute the iris muscles. The opposite effect, mydriasis, is the opening. Both can become a disease when you can not control.

Potassium iodide

also known as “elephant toothpaste”, this exothermic reaction using an oxidant such as hydrogen peroxide, gel soap and potassium iodide as a catalyst. The reaction results in very, very rapid release of bubbles of oxygen and water vapor, remaining trapped in the soap (which is why the foam is formed). The speed is such that the large amount of foam escapes violently along the narrow neck of the flask (bottle).

Playing bacilli

These bacteria are bacilli (for its elongated shape) and reproduce asexually, ie, divided in two by a process called mitosis. The reproductive stage can last minutes or hours.

Plasma cold

Although sound very technical, cold plasma, in this case, it is nothing but fire. In this picture, however, we can see a very striking way it arises. To do this, the bottle has been filled with a flammable gas. To reach out the flame, the gas will be consumed, but of course, the hottest part of the gas tends to rise, so that the process occurs long enough to appreciate it.

explosive tension

the cover of a watermelon, as well as many vegetables and fruit, is formed by a combination of elastic substances and tough that protect against blows to the seeds or bodies inside. If we put enough rubber bands to break the elastic resistance that has the cover of watermelon, all energy forms such tension is released explosively.

dry ice bubbles

with a little water and dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, you can get to” artificial smoke ” which it is formed by the gas when thawed (and sublimated) escaping water. If enclose the gas in a bubble created with some gel and glycerin soap get this spectacular result.

Particle Detector

Although it is very difficult to explain in a few lines, what we see here are “waves” of particles caused by radiation from thorium. In order to “see” the radiation, the experiment uses vapor very cold spirit thanks to the dry ice and the protection of a tank. It is what is known as a snowball or cloud chamber to radiation.

Mini Maglev

the maglev or magnetic levitating harness the power of super magnets to levitate things like a bullet train or other mills. In this case we see a phenomenon called quantum “imprisonment” by which the plate is levitating in any position the place.

Lightning striking

the rays are produced by the potential difference a charged cloud and earth, which is always potential 0. When power is transmitted through the air, their atoms are ionized, producing light. In addition, the heat causes the air to expand rapidly, causing the characteristic sound.


what we see is the spark caused by the friction of the “rock” on the metal or quartz burner. At the same time it is released of the fuel gas in the burner. Therefore, the combination of both, in a small space, thanks to the air acting oxidizer, occurs flame, we see coming out right at the end of the image.


the position of the magnets in this case is practically perfect. Until such time that a new magnet destabilizes the entire system so that the rest tends to be sorted according attract or repel each other.


The Levitron created in this example remains within a loop a piece of metal (probably lead). As time passes and under the electromagnetic influence, the metal warms up to such an extent that glows (and ends up melting)

magnetic fluids

Another fascinating section of the magnetic elements are ferrofluids, whose liquid ferromagnetic properties make under the influence of a magnet or metals acquire practical and fanciful shapes. Literally are as liquid magnets.

Liquids are illiquid

the non-Newtonian fluids do not react like other fluids to efforts. This means that, unlike what happens with other liquids, when hit become hard. Before the mechanical effect, whatever kind it may be, they react. This is what happens when we put them on a speaker.

Rainbow on a CD

what we see is a simple CD illuminated by a light bulb. The light strikes the diffraction causing their CD. That is, the separation of different wavelengths of the visible spectrum, which is reflected in the characteristic surface of the CD

Garden Chemical

the gardens use chemical liquid such as sodium silicate with various salts (in this case cobalt dichloride). Metal silicates react with sodium silicate to form a thin membrane insoluble silicate. The water passes through the membrane by osmosis causing it to expand first to finish breaking. This causes the formation of a new membrane and the process repeated. The end result is the emergence of a series of columns colored metal silicate, which is what we see.

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