25 amazing species of fungi kingdom

25 amazing species of fungi kingdom

About these exquisite species of fungi kingdom, each more spectacular than the next

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reino fungi is a fascinating universe of organisms. Remember that nature is divided, for study and for their characteristics, in kingdoms. One is the so-called fungi or fungal kingdom and differs from the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom ; however, it is now known that fungi are closer to the first but has long been considered as one plant and fungi due to their similarity, mainly in the absence of locomotion and morphology and similar ecology. This difference is due, among other things, they have cell walls composed of chitin, unlike plants, which contain cellulose.

However, the clasificación kingdoms is not one; So, while for scheme of five kingdoms of Whittaker and Margulis, fungi belong in part to the protist kingdom (amoeboid fungi and fungi with zoospores) and the kingdom Fungi (the rest). In the outline eight realms of Cavalier-Smith belong in part to the kingdom Protozoa (amoeboid fungus), the kingdom Chromista (the pseudofungi) and the kingdom Fungi everyone else. With advances in molecular biology builds a molecular taxonomy based on sequences of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

You have described a 100 000 species of fungi although it is considered that only 5% have been cataloged. A full range of 1.5 million species is estimated. And the fungi kingdom is dispersed over a wide range of habitats and extremes of temperature, salinity and many others. mycology is the discipline which studies fungi.

simple classification of fungi could be the following:

  • Ornamental
  • Food
  • Fungi entheogens (hallucinogenic mushrooms)
  • Medicine
  • Pollutants
  • Poison

So, we know some copies of the most beautiful, amazing (in the literal sense and spices rhetoric of the word), exquisite and capricious forms. Click on the name to see the product information for the species.

  • Amanita muscaria
  • Laccaria amethystina
  • aseroe rubra

” Aseroe rubra105 “. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Aseroe_rubra105.webp#/media/File:Aseroe_rubra105.webp

  • Chorioactis
  • Clathrus ruber
  • Coprinus comatus

“- Coprinus comatus -” by User: Nino Barbieri – Own work (. own photo) Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons – Coprinus_comatus-.webp#/media/File:-Coprinus_comatus-.webp

  • Crepidotus
  • Cyathus striatus
  • favolaschia calocera
  • Geastrum minimum
  • Mycena interrupta
  • Mycena chlorophos
  • Hydnellum peckii
  • leucocoprinus birnbaumii
  • Marasmius labeled
  • Oudemansiella mucida
  • phallus indusiatus
  • Lycoperdon perlatum
  • Schizophyllum commune
  • Scutellinia scutellata
  • Pleurotus ostreatus
  • Hericium americanum
  • Gyromitra esculenta


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