27 videos claiming to Samantha Bee and ‘Full Frontal’ as Queen political humor

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It is a woman willing to make things clear and evidenced program. TBS released in February 2016 ‘ Full Frontal With Samantha Bee ‘ a late mood in which the former collaborator of ‘The Daily Show’ Jon Stewart analyzes every Monday the social and political landscape of the US in a time when missing alternatives before the end of Comedy Central. In fact for me makes a perfect match with John Oliver and his ‘Last Week Tonight’ in this regard.

Despite wearing something less than twenty deliveries (seventeen and a special on the Republican Convention which airs tonight on TBS), with their thoughtful and very sharp comments and research that put the willies, Samantha Bee has quickly become a reference figure in political analysis . In Tele Go! have gathered 27 videos that claimed as the queen of political humor:

new again ?, From

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Furia and quite right in the segment he opened ‘Full Frontal’ after the slaughter of Orlando …

… and what is not being done to change things.

Eddie Eagle

the mascot of the National Rifle Association

the Bernie Bros.

How it is supporting (ba) na Bernie Sanders?

elect paperweight week: dress Code

A small section reviewing political and controversial measures.

Party Trump

Samantha talks with several supporters Donald Trump

Syrian refugees

a special double on Syrian refugees trying to reach the US.

The midterms 2010

the most important elections in which Democrats did not vote (and the consequences)

Duck and Cover

drills in case of shooting at Ecuela.

Abortion, at Texas

The new Texas law …

… and the role of clinical pregnancy.

the job fair for future women

Samantha wrecking childhood dreams with cases of harassment

Kits abortion

or how not being processed testing thousands of violations.

saw something, said something

How the Muslim community lives in Dearborn

nuclear missiles North Korea

With saboteurs Team Coco

Rue Britannia

The Brexit and David Tennant Scottish insulting

The Seattle Seawards

The councilors who are changing Seattle … and what they are told

Ted Cruz 101

what you need (ba) s to know about Ted Cruz.

Hillary , NO!

Or why is not good invent biographies

Jeb in winter

Tremendous documentary about Jeb Bush.

The bed we’ve done

a great overview of the entire process of Primary

Who the hell are superdelegates

victims of Super PACs

What about those who finance presidential races.

the Libertarian Party convention

Personally, super fan of these guys.

Who is Mike Pence?

The Vice Presidential candidate

Cleveland prepares for the RNC

Finally, how Cleveland has prepared for the Republican Convention.

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27 videos claiming to Samantha Bee and ‘Full Frontal’ as Queen political humor
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July 20, 2016

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