3.5 Telegram: a lack of good calls is the Walkie-Talkie, and other improvements


Telegram is one of the most interesting messaging applications. Its main asset is running on the cloud, which means you can access and continue your conversations from any device as mobile, PC applications and Web, but it also makes you want to be fairly light.

updates Telegram we are accustomed to receive small improvements here and there: relevant things for users rather than the typical update that you want and want and not find anything new. Telegram version 3.5 does not disappoint in this regard, it includes improvements in several key points

The new collection come in four fronts. Better Voice Notes for more functions secret chat , better control of the privacy and more functions to the photo editor

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voice notes glorified walkie-talkie

Telegram already had memos from the dawn of time, but in the last update voice memos go further into a good replacement for a communication application style Walkie-Talkie and Zello .

experimental it is enabled by default, and works as follows. From a conversation Telegram, put phone to your ear as if you were to make a call and voice activated recording. Once you take off, you stopped recording for it can send, if you want.


This change is coupled with some visual enhancements in the voice messages, which include a new player, recorder and preview waves each message, which is quite apparent.

the secrets are less boring chat

that much value your privacy does not mean you should ignore the other options that make Telegram a messaging application, as usual. Although normal conversations and groups can be animated with stickers, GIF, bots and answers , private chats were so far a step back where could not using magic.

Frame2 Stickers and bots in a secret chat

with Telegram 3.5 do not have to do without any of this, but you’re in a private chat, now basically differ from the rest of chats better security rather than the functions present.

Greater control Privacy

the privacy settings Telegram now welcome two new configurations to determine who will be added to groups and channels . You can choose from worldwide, your contacts or block specific users you have boring.

More Options photo editor

Before you send a photo Telegram have the option to apply a small tweaks when you touch image to make it look big. Not that it’s Photoshop, but the truth is that the integrated editor is very good and makes it unnecessary to use third party applications on most occasions.

 Photo Editor

Now the editor includes four new tools : rotate picture, editor of the curves, shadows and colors. no longer have any excuse not to send pictures look like works of art.


Telegram 3.5.0

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3.5 Telegram: a lack of good calls is the Walkie-Talkie, and other improvements
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