3.8 Telegram brings interface changes and a new platform bots


One of the strengths of Telegram, plus messaging features we all know, is the constant updating including small improvements here and there. Unlike other applications that just change for years, Telegram incorporates something new every month.

If the previous update of Telegram focused more on the grupos and supergroups, version 3.8 revolves around other sections of more everyday as the design interface or improving platform bots .



changes to the interface Telegram Android 3.8 are not dramatic, but rather subtle . If you do a comparison of before and after, probably not even you know too notice the difference.

 Telegram Chat Find the differences: Telegram 3.8 right

Specifically, change slightly some colors , bubbles chat , some buttons, new progress bar and a completely new system for send documents , which includes navigation through folders on your phone.

 Documents New selection of documents

Finally what changes the interface is concerned, comes an option that at least I had enough time longing for: when you touch a sticker on the screen displays a window with all stickers pack so you can send directly to chat or add them to your Telegram.

Preview of Stickers

Bots 2.0

the second cornerstone of 3.8 Telegram are bots, receiving l a major update to date . The platform bots now includes a range of new possibilities that will delight developers bots.

If the built-in keyboards in the text, new buttons, permission to access the location and text editing on the fly. Bots can now generate any content as documents, MP3, videos, stickers, animations and contacts.

Bots New Example bot using the location and sending stickers

So far the creators of bots for Telegram had to wrack your brain to give you additional features to chat, usually through text. The new platform 2.0 Bots Telegram gives developers many more tools to develop almost anything imaginable.

These are some of the bots that can be used to test these new features

  • @music – You send classical music in MP3
  • @youtube – Send the video chat YouTube (you can connect to your account)
  • @foursquare – Send a place to chat to choose from close to where you are
  • @sticker – Search stickers based emoji and sends them to chat

As usual, Telegram has released this update simultaneously on platforms where they have official application, although it seems that Android is slightly behind with respect to the iOS version. Thus, some improvements such as preview GIF and content bots in a floating window advertised as they arrive “soon” to Android.



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3.8 Telegram brings interface changes and a new platform bots
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April 12, 2016

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