3 key principles in the design process inside the Ford GT

3 key principles in the process of interior design the Ford GT

The interior design of the Ford GT was based on three principles:. clarity of intentions, innovation and connection to the driver

How to create within an aspirational car? A vehicle that most posters and reports that units will be manufactured and starting redefining a myth in the XXI century. You can not from a blank page with the simple idea of ​​revolutionizing not, take all possible data so that customers feel inside a unique technology, quality and that atmosphere does not want out . That is why to design the interior of used Ford GT based on three principles:

  • Clarity of intent : functionality as a pillar inside the Ford GT
  • Innovation : an innovative design through technology to make this more intuitive space
  • Connection . The technology must establish a connection between technology and driver

Moray Callum, Vice President of Design for Ford Motor Company. “In recent years, we have gained an incredible boost to our designs As we move forward, we must seize and develop what we have managed to continue offering interesting and fresh solutions The interior design of the Ford GT is based on the DNA of the brand and pushes forward http. “

The technology in designing the interior of the Ford GT possible for all essential functions were within reach of the driver without having to lift hand position also design at two levels makes the surface bordered to the attention getting a clear sense of spaciousness for a sports car.

The future of interior design involves technology itself or yes and analyze all possible data. Ford is working on a system that captures the emotions and logic of customers to learn how to manage systems and to improve. Among the technology they use is the eye tracking , measuring more time where sight and biometrics stops.

not enough to improve materials and add new devices, but they have to be useful, simple and easy to use.

This project is experimental and is the best way to improve the design of car interior as the Ford GT to suit your users, so that you feel at home and that the amount of technology (multimedia, security, support …) devices do not take the spotlight, but is the driver that responsible for enjoy


3 key principles in the design process inside the Ford GT
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March 23, 2015

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