3 science books which explain love

3 science books which explain love

Interesting readings science to explain to us the love of simple, concrete and revealing way.

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On a day like today all reality: those who give to the celebration of “love and friendship”, the haters , as concerns the meme, gonna hate , which remain outside without review or not to participate. The truth is that the madness This day includes cars from thousands of colorful leaves, balloons, messages of love, to the crowded places, like restaurants, and commercial television insufferable. In short, everything.

But far far of the marketing fashion, the theme of love is one “that moves the world”, which is simply based on the relationships we have, even our evolution as a species. Science does not stay on the sidelines and has addressed the issue deeply, what they have to say scholars is no small thing and, I think, put the note very high in explaining what is love.

For this I chose three readings of three different authors lead us through this tricky issue, so essential, so complex, so vital.

  1. The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm

Forget full of love commercial television, the image that has been amassed in advertising agencies adorned with red hearts and a storm of clichés that have nothing to do with reality. This German author put into this 1956 book approaches so hard that his little more than 120 pages become addictive so much to think about it.

I remember the first time I read many things surprised me. Including the idea that we know as love relationships are reduced to such a degree that are closer to a market transaction that an intimate affair or commitment.

The robots can not love, can exchange their “baggage of personality” and trust that the transaction is fair. One of the most significant expressions of love, and especially of marriage with this alienated structure, is the idea of ​​”team.”

Pum! In three to four sentences you find enough material to retrain for hours if you’ve understood so far about love relationships you’ve taken for granted without question yourself by external influence or have you really stopped to analyze what is love.

Another really interesting thing is the approach that gives the book its title. Fromm says that love is an art like any other, requires practice and refinement of our “technical”. Finally, takes us into a series of statements about what the love relationships in its different versions and takes us to see one by one the expressions of love: motherly love, erotic love, love yourself The love of God.

  1. The Journey to Love Eduard Punset

This book is structured so that Punset has dedicated his work as a science writer: the ordinary citizen. With simple approaches and personal and interesting explanations we fly back to the beginning of time, the origin of life and therefore the origin of what we are here as the complex beings that we are the same: love.

The Journey to Love is part of a great trilogy that the Spanish author has devoted to the issues, he says, move the world, to the masses. The most interesting of this title are the number of references to the most modern and specialized in different universities worldwide studies that have access Punset and clearly explains. The other two titles are also highly recommended: The Journey to Happiness, The Journey to Mind Power.. Although, of course, in this day what we want is love

There are a couple of chapters on the counterpart of love: heartbreak. Such a complex and painful topic. Rather than you may think, heartbreak is an issue that is addressed by many scientists, the effects and consequences of the states of indifference are of great interest by the limits we play our personality of our psyche, our social environment. In short, a very complex issue.

A peculiar thing about this book is that the end can measure our capacity to love. It is a self-assessment Punset performed with a large number of specialists, and adds this last chapter:

The fact is that had never been so many professional efforts and academics in measuring a variable as. forgotten and at the same time, so present in the emotional life of people as the ability to love

  1. The separation of lovers Igor Caruso

This text is undoubtedly the three, more technical and specialized nature. However, it is very interesting and I must say it gave me a different perspective on heartbreak. We talk about the difficult process and consequences, and the paths taken after a separation

This essay is dedicated to those who have been separated. Lovers, those who hate, the indifferent, the perplexed and confident.

Two things are very clear to me, disdain for this item is awarded to the long rant novels and movies romantic love, and actually this is a topic that deserves our attention: death into life. This refers to what happens to a lover when your relationship ends.

Oblivion is murder in the name of life and suicide awareness. It is the interplay death sentence, because as soon as he condemns another death sentence is pronounced itself.

It also explains not just the lover who suffers most is the most loved, and that it may even be the opposite, therefore, that the self comes into question. It shows different case studies how these lovers suffered “his own death in the consciousness of another”, developed their grief, and the same because Caruso explains that in this issue we are facing the study of death in our lives and that “separation is worse than death.”

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So these three books which explain love, do art processes and loss ratio. No longer a captivating topic that red hearts and melodramas that is, as said earlier, a subject that moves the masses. After all remember that sell love like that only benefits companies with their honeyed campaigns and flower sellers, and that’s not love.

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