3D printing could give new life to tuning

3D printing could give a new life to tuning

3D printers seek to revolutionize many everyday aspects related to the manufacture of small objects, what if we apply 3D printing in the automotive world? A manufacturer has introduced the first prototype that will allow its owners to customize some parts of their cars at home. ¿This technology to revolutionize tuning?

full Spanish property boom (for 2006-2007) was very common to see cars on the roads with the body modified to the functional end : impossible bumpers, fiberglass everywhere, disproportionate tires and expensive sound equipment. It was tuning in Spain, a trend that the crisis became meaningless but that 3D printing could rise from the ashes with some important changes.

And I want to clarify, there are many types tuning , which seek to improve performance, reduce the weight or give the car more features, but the vast majority of the preparations we used to see in Spain not fit in this group but of drawing attention sacrificing safety and functionality of the car.

In the tuning of the future will not be necessary to go through the shop but by a printing press.

And how tuning technology related? Some manufacturers are beginning to experiment with the idea of ​​letting us produce car parts using a home 3D printer so that we can customize when we feel like some parts of the vehicle, vehicles also be created using this printing technology 3D to cut costs.

with a modest 3D printer we could change under the dash display, some finished as grids climate, some buttons, cubrebujes and some small piece, something we could print from home. At the end cheap parts but we could customize everything we wanted following the pattern offered by the manufacturer. And without compromising the safety car because in any case it would be functional parts such as bumpers, rims, spoilers, etc.

Stop, think of what happened 10 years

3D printing

An example of the most extreme preparations of Spanish tuning

Let’s back up a bit because this approach could be harmful for manufacturers. 10 years ago it was relatively common to buy a car and in a few months to transform it beyond recognition spending many thousands of euros and brands realized the business that existed and were wasting: born sports kits, dealers they began selling bumpers, chrome fixtures, doorknobs, bottom brackets, spoilers … a fashion that endowed brands lot of money and workshops tuning even more.

and there comes the crisis so it was difficult to justify spending thousands of euros to change the color of the car one a little more flashy or buying tires that glow in the dark. Manufacturers returned to their normal state in which no sports kits sold and the customer chose a more sporty finish but without leaving the design line manufacturer when buying the car under catalog and order history. But 3D printing car accessories do not want to get caught them too late and thus begin to leave marks with prototypes that want to get away from the conventional right now: personalize your car, personalize your home and top with a 3D printer.

the technology wants tuning succumbs to his arms and that new generations see it not as something that could be interpreted as something negative but as the customization taken to the extreme. Basically, if we can customize the shell of our smartphone, some interior accessories may also be susceptible to be personalized


3D printing could give new life to tuning
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April 20, 2016

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