4 devices ‘smart’ for your home with which to combat the cold and save

Devices to make your home a smart home are becoming increasingly popular. smart homes make life easier, and with them we contribute to the energy savings -and the savings in our pockets!-.The Spanish Association of home Automation and building Automation (CEDOM) published last October, a preview of its latest market survey stating that the market of home automation in Spain increased by 40% in 2018. The systems sold were those related to the management of the energy.It is precisely such systems one of the must list of devices smart home to cope with the cold that we offer today.Control the high cost of heating is one of our goals every winter. A good solution for this are the smart thermostats. Choose the temperature that you want it to be your home from your mobile phone or automates a function of power every day at the same time. Get to work and that your house is warm it has no price, and also if this serves you to save a few euros at the end of the month, what more could you ask for?Some of the most popular brands, both for its functionality and usability as per their design, they are Honeywell, Nest, Netatmo, Somfy or State.The smart plugs allow you to control any appliance connected to them, being able to turn it on and off at any time. There are from jacks analog, that work with a timer, to the more digital, that are controlled with a app.The more digital and sophisticated they may have functionalities such as the mode‘away’, which turns on and off randomly when you’re out to seem that someone is at home; the monitoring of consumption, to know how much to consume a particular device; the connection with the virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant); or synchronization with other devices smart, as Apple TV or Amazon Echo.Amazon the Smart Plug, Belkin, Etekcity, Orbegozo, TECKIN, TP-Link or Xiaomi with your smart power strip are some of the most sold brands.An air purifier can help you to optimize the quality of the air and offer maximum comfort in the home. In times of colds, is a good ally to combat harmful agents such as bacteria and viruses, and return cleaner air.The scanning allows the user to decide what percentage of filtrate of the air will carry the device through an application for its smartphone, in which we will see the amount of dirt that has collected in the environment of the device, and we will be able to turn it on and off.The well known Philips, LG and Dyson have in the market of innovative devices for air purification. Yes, high range. Others, such as for example a portable model of Wynd, they are more economic.And finally the quilt smart Smartduvet Breeze, a product that allows -via mobile phone- choose a different temperature on both sides of the bed. A revolutionary innovation that could save more than one marriage. And if this outside little, the bed makes itself!“we Spent, on average, 8 times more time in our bed than in our car, but for some reason our cars have climate control and automatic parking, while the beds have remained the same for hundreds of years”, as they call on the announcement from the company.Even when you’re the last in technology, don’t forget the measures ‘analog’ basic to achieve a comfortable home and warm and not give you a scare at the end of the month with the energy bill:Remember that making your home a smart home you’re entering in her devices, in some cases, will have access to information of a sensitive nature. The devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) offer vulnerabilities easily exploited by the hackers , and Spain suffered 80% of this type of cyber attacks globally in the first half of 2018.So don’t forget to take precautions when using this type of equipment. In the end, if we have doors physical armor to scare off robbers, why not shield also virtual access to our home?
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4 devices ‘smart’ for your home with which to combat the cold and save
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December 5, 2019

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