4 exploded Nexus: Discovery of a chip including LTE 4G

The LG Nexus 4 is reaching users who have purchased, as well as multiple sites specialized. This href=”https://www.elespanol.com/elandroidelibre//2012/11/nexus-4-despiezado-se-descubre-la-inclusion-de-un-chip-4g-lte.html/interiornexus4/2012/11/nexus-4-despiezado-se-descubre-la-inclusion-de-un-chip-4g-lte.html/nexus4inside” target=”_blank”> and terminal manufacturing faults which, fortunately, seems to be slowly being solved.

And as usual, the guys at iFixit have taken a unit loaned to analyze within the device. At first we knew was inside as through multiple photos that went through forums like XDA but nobody realized what the guys at iFixit if it were given.

To start confirms that the audio DAC is signed by Qualcomm and is exactly the same as found on devices like the Galaxy S3 American. This chip is theoretically inferior to Wolfson that has the European SGS3 , which is the very best we can find. However, providing the quality is quite good.

If we look inside, we can see one of the big surprises: Nexus 4 features inside a precious LTE chip. This chip manufactured by Qualcomm (the green square), supports all 4G LTE networks in the world. Probably the inclusion of this chip is because the Nexus 4 is based on the Optimus G, which itself incorporated such connectivity.

So if the Nexus 4 has this chip inside Why the Nexus 4 will not connect to LTE networks? Basically because lacks the necessary antennas for it . And you probably have not decided to add support for LTE due to the large amount of battery that uses this type of connectivity.

Another possibility is that in a future version of the Nexus had launched a 4 with LTE and 32 GB something quite similar to what has recently been done with the Nexus 7 and 3G & 32GB version.

Many forum users call chefs and developers to try to run the antenna, although probably impossible task due to the absence of antennas . But who knows if it will get? Chefs have always been characterized by surprise again and again, and this may be one more.

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4 exploded Nexus: Discovery of a chip including LTE 4G
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