40 years of terror with Steven Spielberg Shark

40 years of terror with Steven Spielberg Shark

Forty years ago she began to project 'Jaws' or 'Jaws' on the big screen; cinema, billboards summer, sharks and ...

Forty years ago she began to project ‘Jaws’ or ‘Jaws’ on the big screen; cinema, billboards summer, sharks and swimmers not ever be the same.

It was the summer of 1975 ‘Jaws’ began write a story on the big screen and changed the commercial cinema always. Spectators, first the US and then worldwide, terror lived through this tape is chilling, suspenseful, and a story that is still spoken.

As with some movies its manufacturing is full of anecdotes and situations that transformed the original idea but this was precisely what made only. ‘Jaws’ quickly became a film beat box office records, sale of promotional items and sent to heaven sales of the novel in which the plot of menacing and bloodthirsty white shark was based, star of the film.

Steven Spielberg or Spielbergo

David Brown and Richard D. Zanuck were the producers of the film, and that both bought the rights to the novel ‘Jaws’ Peter Benchley before published. Also, who read fluently in one night each in turn, for The next morning to resolve to make the film. They began looking for a director who could be the last film of the novel that had captivated and although first they thought of John Sturges, director of another maritime work: ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, bowed by Dick Richards. Differences between the producers and the director made it impossible to continue in charge of the project. It was then that a young Steven Spielberg, just 27, came on the scene; he had made his first feature film with the same producers. The Sugarland Express, so this was worth to stay with the director’s chair in ‘Jaws’

The star is the Shark

Despite being a story that does not do justice these beautiful animals, sea stories and hungry beasts have come fiction in many of its expressions. So this dreaded white shark is really the star of the film. Likewise Spielberg wanted to lean toward hitherto little known actors, ensuring that a known actor “distract” the public the real star. In the lead roles featured Roy Scheider who plays police chief Martin Brody, Richard Dreyfuss gives life to oceanographer Matt Hooper, Robert Shaw to cazatiburones Quint, Murray Hamilton the mayor of Amity Island and Lorraine Gary Ellen, the wife of Brody.

The protagonist of the film is, according to Spielberg, the white shark

To make the famous shark we saw on the screen was used to mechanical effects and made three life-size replica under the supervision of Bob Mattey, a specialist in this type of effect and that was in charge of making the giant squid ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) tape 1954. Such mechanical replicas became in quite a problem at the time of shooting, not only because they were needed at least 14 divers to make it work, but the material and mechanisms are constantly marred by salt sea water. The Legend that because of this, many times this is the reason why we do not see the shark on the screen and just listen to music or watch the terror of the characters. This, no doubt, increased the level of suspense of the film, and the final result in which gives more terror that you do not see.

Difficulties and expertise

Just as problems had to give life to the star of the movie all production was under innumerable problems, the budget doubled, the shooting took 159 days and 55 that are to be had expected. The script underwent many changes and transformations, even during movie recording. However, this was solved by the young director and the people who were involved in the project. Spielberg explains that his inexperience led him to make many mistakes, but also to learn from problems.

What Universal Pictures prepared for the premiere of his film is identified as the start of the summer season prolific for the cinema. Until then releases the tapes were not massive but gradual and phased manner. Nor had great advertising campaigns before the release of a tape, and ‘Jaws’ marked the difference with previous TV campaigns. It also included the merchandising as such during the screening of the film, well, you could purchase products thereof such as towels, cups, blankets, costumes and stuffed shark, games, posters, pajamas, water guns, shark tooth necklaces, the novel by Peter Benchley, among other things.

The unforgettable theme of ‘Jaws’

If something identifying ‘Jaws’ (as it is known in Latin America) is certainly his main theme. Just a couple of notes and we know what it is, another couple of notes and we are with spiky hair, swimming, somewhere in our imagination, full speed with indescribable terror. This genius was composed by the great John Williams. This man is a genius of soundtracks; he has written many of the issues that may well be our soundtrack for he is the author of the music of beloved franchises like: Star Wars, (yes, the undisputed icon of cinema: the Imperial March), Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter. As of memorable films like ET. The Extraterrestrial and Schindler’s List

This American author worked with Spielberg since his debut in ‘The Sugarland Express’ and was called to the’ Jaws ‘with which he won the Oscar for Best Original Score. In fact, John Williams has won the Academy Award five times. Also, for their participation and great art in ‘Jaws’ won the BAFTA, Golden Globe and Grammy awards

40 years of terror

So, get the date in which the terror on the beaches are alive with the 40th anniversary of ‘Jaws’ change the history of cinema Spielberg, marketing summer blockbusters. Its enviable figures positioned as the the best grossing film that time, a title that would be taken only by Star Wars in 1977, however we speak of a fund amounting to US $ 470.7 million in total profits nothing even wrong with a budget doubled. The subsequent three installments of this film did not have the producers nor the director of the film and are considered of much lower quality.

In addition, ‘Jaws’ was nominated for many awards among which the four Oscar nominations in the categories: Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Score, Best Picture; the latter being the only one that the film would not take. He was also awarded at the Golden Globes, BAFTA, People’s Choice Awards, among others

Bonus:. Note Star

It was the same writer, author of the novel “Jaws”, Peter Benchley, who said years later that had she known how the actual behavior of white sharks not have written his novel, however delicate subject as it may be to stay only with the image of fiction and forget that sharks are generally sensitive beings and necessary for the health of marine ecosystems. In fact, much of the criticism of the conservation groups ‘Jaws’ is in this vein, sharks attributed to an aggressive and malignant behavior against humans, when this is not so


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