4000 emojis enough to break WhatsApp on Android

4000 emojis enough to break WhatsApp on Android

A new application fault causes crash on Android WhatsApp to send a lot of emojis.

Hard to believe that this type of ¿failure? continue to exist, but the truth is that the evidence we have been doing, is as real as life itself: if you send more than 4000 emojis a WhatsApp message generates a fallo which causes the application to stop responding and automatically skip an error that closes the WhastApp.

In our tests the ruling is limited to Android From time to test the strength of this ruling must resort to WhatsApp website which has a higher character limit application for Moviles, include over 45,000 characters and send it to a contact , so that if this has a terminal Android will suffer an unexpected and immediate closure of the application. If you have received, so we have to do is go into WhatsApp Web and delete the message or conversation and our WhatsApp back to normal.

Of course, even though the person has found this failure says it is valid for both iOS and Android, the fact is that in our tests have only been wrong on two Android handsets, and yes, both high-end, including a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + with 4GB of RAM, making it impossible, or the limit of 6500 characters WhatsApp Web topple a terminal with IOS, including older terminals as the iPhone 5

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4000 emojis enough to break WhatsApp on Android
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December 23, 2015

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